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Special Report: Fleets

Waste Pro Looks to Boost Fleet Safety with New Video System

Waste Pro USA has partnered with Houston-based Alliance Wireless Technologies (AWTI) to acquire and install a high-tech, 360-degree external video system in all 1,800 of its heavy waste collection trucks in nine Southeastern states. 

The $3 million 3rd Eye System of advanced traffic safety equipment is said to improve fleet driver awareness, prevent accidents, personal injury and property damage. 3rd Eye also enables remote fleet managers real time monitoring throughout the Longwood, Fla.-based company’s footprint.

“This vehicle camera initiative has been very successful in protecting our communities and our crews,” says Cort Sabina, CFO. “The full fleet implementation of the system nine months early demonstrates that when we became aware of the value of this system, we immediately accelerated the installation.”  

This system is equipped with a camera that captures data to provide drivers with increased visibility of their surroundings and alert them about unsafe behaviors. The system allows for object detection using integrated radar systems to help reduce blind spot accidents. It also allows for two-way communication using a radio, enabling fleet managers to remotely coach drivers on safety practices along their routes.

“The 3rd Eye camera technology Waste Pro is using in our fleet offers the company unmatched access to what is happening in and around our vehicles at all times,” says Josh Densberger, Waste Pro director of safety. “We use the information from the cameras to coach both positive and negative behaviors of the employee’s before accidents, injuries and property damage occur. It is the goal of every safety professional to be proactive in regards to the safety of employees and the general public. 3rd Eye allows us to accomplish this exact goal.”

Because large waste trucks are not easy to maneuver and in this industry more than 6,000 accidents involving a waste truck occur every year, like many other waste companies, Waste Pro makes it a priority to invest in safety prevention technologies. Throughout the waste industry, similar camera systems have been used to assist law enforcement personnel in determining root causes of accidents, in addition to providing evidence as to fault. 

“Our highest priority is the safety of our employees and the general public, through our partnership with AWTI and the 3rd Eye Camera system we have the most advanced in cab coaching application available in our industry to help achieve this goal,” says Densberger.

“Throughout the years, what has set Waste Pro apart from the competition is its focus on sustainability," he adds. "As the company grows, it recognizes that sustainability is about more than working to reduce its impact on the environment. It is also about building long-lasting relationships based on trust with the communities it serves by protecting their residents.”

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