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Call2Recycle Expands its Operations to Service More Batteries

The new all battery service is available to all of Call2Recycle’s 20,000+ U.S. collection sites.

Call2Recycle Inc., a consumer battery stewardship and recycling organization, today announced a new, expanded all battery service that provides one-stop battery collection and recycling for both rechargeable and single-use (AA, AAA, 9v, D-cell and button cell) batteries under 11 lbs. throughout the United States.

“The widespread adoption of technology by consumers is rewriting the recycling landscape,” Call2Recycle President and CEO Carl Smith said in a statement. “The rising demand for batteries to power these devices calls for a national approach to keep all household batteries out of the waste stream.”

In January, Call2Recycle reported that consumers recycled a record-setting 14 million pounds of batteries and cellphones in collections throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2016.

“Call2Recycle research shows that the most effective way to boost battery collections is to collect all household battery types together so consumers don’t need to figure out which can and can’t be recycled,” said Smith. “A national program expansion satisfies the needs of both collection site customers and consumers who have been lobbying for one-stop recycling because of its greater convenience.”

The new all battery service is available to all of Call2Recycle’s 20,000+ U.S. collection sites. In addition, Call2Recycle will offer separate services for single-use and rechargeable battery recycling. Fees vary, depending on the services selected as well as collection volumes and shipping method. Those interested in participating in the new service can use a new online tool to identify which battery recycling solution best meet their needs based on location, type and volume.

As part of the new service, Call2Recycle has introduced pay-as-you-go all battery box recycling kits targeted to businesses, government agencies, individuals or those on a budget. Anyone can purchase collection kits for one upfront fee in a new online store. The collection kits include a US DOT approved collection box, plastic bags to safely protect battery terminals and a postage-paid return shipping label. The purchase price covers all shipping and recycling fees.

“We sought to balance the needs of stewards, consumers and collection sites while sustaining the viability of our program in the face of a changing recycling landscape. Ultimately, the expanded program will help us to continue to responsibly manage the end-of-life of batteries according to the highest environmental standards for recycling,” said Smith.

Call2Recycle is already running a single-use battery collection program in Vermont. It is the first U.S. state requiring battery manufacturers and producers to finance a collection and recycling program for single-use batteries. Call2Recycle’s collections in the state jumped 187 percent during 2016, the first year of combined collections.

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