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Proposed Landfill in Memphis Continues to Cause Concern

A proposed landfill expansion that would bring a landfill closer to an elementary school continues to draw opposition from community members in Memphis, Tenn.

Memphis Wrecking Co. is proposing to build a Class III landfill, which is used for demolition waste such as unrecyclable concrete and other building materials like steel, lumber and bricks, in a neighborhood near the Whitney Achievement Elementary School. has the latest:

“I think it’s inappropriate. I don’t think you would do that in a middle class neighborhood,” said Steve Lockwood, with the Frayser Community Development Corporation.

But Steve Williamson, president of Memphis Wrecking Company, said the expanded landfill would be at least 25 acres or two-and-a-half football fields away from Whitney Elementary.

Williamson said his company also plans to plant trees around the landfill's boundaries.

“You will not be able to see into the landfill. We won’t be able to see out, they won’t be able to see in,” said Williamson.

Read the full story here.


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