Minneapolis Businesses Required to Recycle

Minneapolis Businesses Required to Recycle

A Minneapolis ordinance now requires all commercial property owners to recycle. Ordinance 174.435, which took effect on Sept. 1, mandates that a business will:

• Identify and separate materials in its waste stream that can be recycled.

• Provide a designated recycling area and receptacles.

• Arrange for the collection of recyclables at least twice per month.

• Provide documentation to employees, tenants and/or customers about how to recycle on site.

The ordinance is enforced by the city’s fire marshal. Noncompliance subjects the property owner to warnings, fines and eventually revocation of the firm’s certificate of commercial building registration.

Hennepin County, in which Minneapolis is located, provides technical assistance and education resources for businesses that need to establish a recycling program. Questions can also be directed a help line at (612) 673-3000.

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