Recycling centers in California have been shutting down left and right. And Glass King recycling center in Oakland, Calif., is next in line to close its doors. The recycling center is slated to shut down on August 20, but a group of homeless advocates could determine the fate of the recycling center if they successfully petition the city to withdraw its decision to shut down the center.

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Glass King, a recycling center in West Oakland that is a source of income and safety net for roughly 400 daily walk-up recyclers, is set to close on August 20th. That is, unless supporters of the center successfully petition the city to withdraw its orders to shut the center down.

The Center exchanges $5 million each year with recyclers, according to the owners. But, it’s amassed complaints from neighbors and tens of thousands of dollars of fines, mostly for obstructing the right of way with recyclers' shopping carts.

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