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Celebrating Everyday Heroes in the Waste and Recycling Industry

Article-Celebrating Everyday Heroes in the Waste and Recycling Industry

Enjoy Another Glimpse of #EverydayHeroes
Waste360 shares some "feel good" stories highlighting members of the waste, recycling and organics industry.

We’ve always known the waste, recycling and organics industry was special—and now, at this time of unimaginable challenges and unprecedented concerns related to COVID-19, we are reminded of the importance and determination of its frontline workers all across the U.S.

Last week, Waste360 posted about a garbage man’s tweet that was seen around the world, from Twitter user Jester D TGM. It inspired us to look for the good—or, as Mr. Rogers often talked about, to “look for the helpers.”

We asked you to give a shout-out to the #EverydayHeroes in your company or community, and we’ve loved seeing the responses.

Here are some special ones:

Thank you to all the waste, recycling and sanitation workers who are doing their very best to keep New York City clean and safe.

And it’s great to see companies across the country showing love and support for their workers.

Celebrating Everyday Heroes in the Waste and Recycling Industry

We also heard from Gabby Doss from the Accent Family of Companies, who mentioned that "[the company's] field service technicians drive thousands of miles, fly out on a moment’s notice and sleep in a hotel bed almost more than their own bed at home, even during this time of uncertainty and the COVID-19 pandemic. …They are in the frontline, [and] they are #EverydayHeroes.”

We couldn’t agree more, Doss.

Celebrating Everyday Heroes in the Waste and Recycling Industry

And Nick McDowell of Peachtree Waste in Atlanta shared this video from one of its dedicated drivers. "When you are feeling down, we pick it up!" You certainly do, McDowell.

Thank you to all of the #EverydayHeroes out there—your hard work and devotion keeps us safe and feeling “normal” during these uncertain times.

Want to share your own story? Or give a shout-out to the #EverydayHeroes you know? Email us at [email protected].

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