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Nat Hab Surprises Staff with eBikes to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

The Propella eBike gift is Nat Hab’s latest initiative to lower the company’s carbon footprint.

The staff at Natural Habitat Adventures (Nat Hab) returned from the holidays on January 4, 2019, to a surprise: 85 Propella 7-Speed eBikes—a company-wide holiday gift—filled the cubicles of the company’s Boulder, Colo., office.

The eBikes, which retail at $1,299 per unit, are part of Nat Hab’s continued efforts to reduce its carbon emissions—a core part of its mandate as a 100 percent carbon-neutral travel company, conservation travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund and creator of the World’s First Zero Waste Adventure.

“Our goal is to encourage more and more of our staff to commute to work with as little impact on the planet as possible,” said Ben Bressler, Nat Hab’s president, in a statement. “But more than that, we saw the eBikes as a fun idea that would challenge other companies—really big companies—to incorporate sustainability into everything they do, even their holiday gifts.”

The Propella eBikes, which are built with rechargeable batteries, pedal assist and can reach up to 18 miles per hour, were a welcome sight to Nat Hab staff, who are already active individuals and dedicated to sustainable living.

“I’m very grateful and excited to see a tangible way that our company is committed to conservation in our local community by encouraging us to commute to work,” said Kit Longnecker, Nat Hab's special projects manager, in a statement.

“I’m excited to see how few cars are going to be in the parking lot now that we all have these new bikes," added Justin Brown, Nat Hab's director of field operations.

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