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You've Got Trash!

You've Got Trash!

youvegottrash.jpgThere are a lot of dates in life that are hard to remember: Your boss’s birthday. Your next dentist appointment. Arbor Day. But trash collection day? For most of us, it’s the same day every week or two, barring holidays. And since no one likes trash piling up around their home, there’s plenty of motivation to get the bins to the curb.

Not so in London, Ontario, apparently. There, amateur programmers are cobbling together software specifically designed to help Londoners identify and remember their trash collection day. UnLab, a gathering place for the city’s hackers, is cooperating with London’s solid waste manager to design and distribute the program, which will consist of a website and texts or e-mails alerting residents to impending trash collection.

Unfortunately, this is distracting from more important work, like the creation of an iPhone app that reminds people to take a shower.

Source: The London Free Press