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The Heap

Trash Yard Dawgs

trashyarddawgs.jpgIf a football game is not preceded by tailgating, is it really a football game? University of Georgia (UGA) football fans may be left to ponder that philosophical conundrum this fall as they confront a new slate of crackdowns on pre-game revelry. University officials enacted the policies after raucous celebrations before the Sept. 12, 2009 home game left the school’s historic North Campus buried under 70 tons of garbage. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some carefree fans went so far as to urinate on public buildings and defecate on the grounds.

UGA’s North Campus, featuring Greek Revival architecture, wrought-iron fences and well-manicured grounds, is the oldest part of the school, dating to roughly 1801. Under the new rules, tailgating there can begin no earlier than four hours before game time, and tents, kegs, generators and grills are banned. It is expected that tailgating will continue, unabated, elsewhere on campus.

The regulations also fail to set guidelines for fraternity-run games of Beer Pong.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution