The Heap


I recently stumbled across another example of one of the stranger Internet fads of late: trash blogs. This was a phenomenon Deanna Hart covered in Waste Age back in July.The point seems to be to document one’s personal disposal habits over a set period of time. In a popular variation, the person is also required to carry everything they throw away around with them for one or two weeks. While I find this practice mildly interesting, I wonder what benefit we the readers are supposed to receive when it is clearly the author who has the most to learn. To cite "Gabby" in the example above:

"Turns out, out of an entire bag of about a day and a half worth of trash, over 90-percent of it (weight-wise) could be either recycled or composted. I never realized how much recyclables are worth either. Thinking back, my recycling habits are PRETTY BAD."

And after reading her blog, I would agree. Her recycling habits are atrocious. But how does that help me, other than helping me feel mildly superior to this recycling laggard?

Oh what the heck. So far today I:

- Rinsed and recycled a glass bottle that held peach nectar.

- Recycled a cardboard pasta box from dinner last night.

- Threw away a coffee nip wrapper.

- Recycled three sheets of office paper, a Target receipt (torn up), three credit card offers (torn up), and two catalogs.

Are you fascinated yet?