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No Can Do

Article-No Can Do


When it comes to escaping prison via transport, the choice comes down to dirty or very dirty: Hide in the laundry or hide in the trash. Cleveland County State Detention Center inmate trustee Andrew Lawarren Johnson no doubt hoped to improve his chances by picking the less pleasant option. All he got for his trouble was an inside look at the facility’s sanitation system.

“He attempted to secrete himself in a trash can in hope of being dumped with the regular trash into the detention center Dumpster located outdoors,” Cleveland County Undersheriff Rhett Burnett told the Norman Transcript. But deputies at the jail quickly sniffed out Johnson’s plan. They played along, allowing him to go out with the trash. But once he was inside the Dumpster, it was quickly surrounded, and the dirty jailbird was taken back into custody.

Johnson, who was originally sentenced on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and marijuana possession, will lose his trustee status and will face an additional charge of attempted escape. He’ll probably need to make use of that laundry service.

Source: The Norman Transcript