The Heap
Screen capture courtesy of NBC New York
Screen capture courtesy of NBC New York.

E-Waste Piggy Bank (with video)

In the old days, the bank-averse were content to stash their savings in a mattress or an old coffee can. But 12-year-old Max Becker of New York was in the habit of stowing his cash inside the case of his aging PC, in part to keep it out of the hands of his twin sister. Which probably seemed like a great plan right up until his mother recycled the computer while he was away at Boy Scout camp, rendering his life savings – more than $300 – collateral e-waste.

The costly mistake uncovered, Max and his mother eventually tracked the discarded PC to a Sims recycling plant in Edison, N.J. The plant’s workers were alerted to keep an eye out, and after a few weeks successfully located the computer with Max’s cash still intact inside. A very grateful Max and his cash were soon reunited.

No word on whether the money will be allocated for an iPad and a safe.

Source: NBC New York

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