Rigged Up

Rigged Up

Prepare for new fleet purchases with our annual Truck and Body Report.

Our annual Truck and Body Report is divided into two sections: the first details refuse truck bodies, and the second provides an overview of heavy-duty truck chassis. Generally, the body section looks at one product per manufacturer. The chassis section looks at updates that OEMs have made to several of their product lines.

Refuse Truck Bodies

E-Z Pack Manufacturing


Hercules Automated Side Loader in CNG Configuration

  • Features two saddle-mounted fuel tanks, plus additional fuel cells integrated into the body
  • Total fuel capacity for the compressed natural gas (CNG) unit is equivalent to 60 gallons of diesel fuel
  • Designed for simple operation without computers and PLCs
  • 6 cubic-yard hopper

Heil Environmental


MultiTask SL

  • Designed to perform the tasks of multiple units.
  • A drop-frame side loader that can operate on manual, semi-automated, automated and mixed collection routes.
  • Designed to streamline operations, and reduce the number of vehicles and operators required to service multiple routes.
  • Available in four body capacities: 24, 27, 30 and 33 cubic yards.



Expert Dual Helping Hand Side Loader

  • Can collect from both sides of the truck.
  • Designed to collect in narrow and one-way streets and alleys.
  • Can be used for manual or automated collection.



Compressed Natural Gas Refuse Trucks

  • Available in front loader, rear loader and side loader configurations.
  • Compliant with the upcoming 2010 federal engine-emission regulations

Pak-Mor Ltd.


Load Liner Rear Loader Series

  • Now available in a curved-shell body version.
  • Curved-shell is designed for a sleeker look.
  • Features a 78-inch wide, 2.8 cubic yard hopper.
  • Features optional automatic tailgate locks.



AlleyGator Automated Side Loader

  • Available in 20, 23, 27 and 30 cubic yard sizes.
  • Operates at idle to reduce fuel consumption.
  • All hydraulics are on outside of hopper, which is intended to simplify maintenance.
  • Designed for less truck rocking to decrease driver fatigue.



Lightning Loader Grapple Truck

  • Designed for collecting bulky waste such as brush, stumps, white goods and furniture.
  • Available with a 20-foot hydraulic knuckle boom and a clamshell grapple bucket.

Scranton Manufacturing


New Way Mammoth West Coast Front Loader

  • Available with 6,500-pound and 8,000-pound capacity arms.
  • Features a 12-second arm cycle and a 21-second packing cycle.
  • Available in full-eject and dump configurations.
  • Standard features include LED lights and a rear-vision camera system.
  • A body services hoist, special lighting packages and residential carry cans are optional.

Wayne Engineering


Quantum Rear Loader

  • This small body rear loader is designed for collection on high-mileage, low-density routes.
  • Can be equipped to handle 1 to 6 cubic yard commercial containers.
  • Packing mechanism features a packer plate that sweeps the entire 70-inch-wide tailgate and yields compaction ratings of 800 to 900 pounds per cubic yard.
  • Available in 6 to 10 cubic yard models.
  • Options include single or dual-cart tipper, a container roll bar and rear-view color camera system.

Heavy-Duty Trucks



  • Autocar says it is holding off on major changes to its Xpeditor truck line as it weathers the recession while also preparing its heavy low-cab-forward vehicles to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2010 engine emission standards.
  • The last big makeover for the Xpeditor line was the introduction of the completely redesigned ACX cab, which features an additional 18 cubic feet of operator area and improved ingress and egress. The cab is manufactured of fully welded, two-sided galvanized steel. External cab improvements include window and visibility enhancements, top-mounted windshield wipers and a front-mounted pump housed entirely behind the front bumper.
  • Autocar expects alternative-fueled vehicles to be a significant market segment going forward. The OEM says it sold more than 500 natural gas Xpeditors in 2008.

Crane Carrier Co.


  • Crane offers a line of Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks, including the COE2, LET2, LDT2 and the LWT2. The models feature both a cab-over-engine and low-entry cab design with left-hand, right-hand or dual-steer configurations.
  • Available with diesel or compressed natural gas engines.
  • Hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic models are available.
  • The trucks come in multi-, front- and rear-axle configurations.
  • The remote-mounted radiator location — behind the cab, over the engine and centered with the front axle — is designed to reduce heat and noise from the engine and cooling system within the cab for a more comfortable operating environment.
  • The LWT2 features an aluminum cab and a drop-frame chassis for manual and semi-automated body configurations.



  • Freightliner's 2010 model lineup will boast an increase in available options, particularly for the flagship Cascadia highway tractor.
  • The ParkSmart HVAC system, which replaces traditional auxiliary power units for heating and cooling applications, now is available as a factory-installed option on the Cascadia.
  • Another new option is the Cummins ISX Series engine for the Cascadia 125-inch BBC model. The powerplant is available with 400 to 500 horsepower and 1,450 to 1,850 lbs.-ft. torque ratings. The Cummins ISX joins Detroit Diesel's DD13, DD15, Series 60 and MBE 4000 engines as options for the Cascadia line.
  • Freightliner is making the Lectronix T7000 Infotainment system available as a pre-wire option for the Cascadia. The T7000 combines truck navigation, voice, video and entertainment into one system. The system tracks fuel consumption and maintenance intervals and features customizable alarms.



  • Will use exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology to meet EPA's 2010 engine emission requirements rather than the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology that other OEMs will use.
  • Designed specifically to power International trucks, Navistar's line of MaxxForce Big Bore engines offers six ratings, from 330 to 475 horsepower and 1,250 to 1,700 lbs.-ft. torque.
  • In a joint venture with American LaFrance, Navistar also is developing an addition to the International truck lineup based on an existing American LaFrance low-cab-over-engine (LCOE) platform. The two companies will work together to make enhancements to the existing LCOE chassis. The MaxxForce Advanced EGR engines will be incorporated, and the truck will be the only LCOE chassis available without a urea-based SCR engine-emissions system, Navistar says.
  • The joint venture's initial focus will be on waste and construction applications.



  • The OEM will offer a range of new features — some standard and some optional — on its 2010 heavy-duty trucks.
  • An anti-siphoning device will now be standard on all of the OEM's Class 8 trucks with round diesel fuel tanks. The device, which is located on the tank filler neck, features a tamper-resistant heavy metal barrier that is ¼-inch thick.
  • A DuPont Imron Elite clear-coat finish is now part of the standard paint application on all Kenworth models. Made of polyurethane, the finish provides protection in the face of extreme weather conditions, power washing and ultraviolet rays, the OEM says.
  • The AG130 proprietary front-air suspension is another new option. It is disc-brake compatible and available in 12,000- and 13,200-lb. ratings for the T660, T800 and T2000 Class 8 models. Four air bags handle 75 percent of the vertical load, while a lower leaf spring handles the remainder, which reduces vibration in the cab, the OEM says.

Mack Trucks


  • The OEM's 2010 trucks will use SCR to technology to comply with the federal 2010 engine-emission requirements.
  • Mack says that field testing of the SCR technology in both its highway and vocational fleets shows a significant reduction in “active regeneration” of the soot particles collected by diesel particulate filters (DPF). In turn, that should lead to improved fuel economy, the OEM claims.
  • The OEM also says that field testing shows its SCR technology uses 30 percent less diesel exhaust fluid than originally projected.
  • Mack also has incorporated a collision avoidance system from Bendix into its Pinnacle tractor line.



  • The truck maker is introducing new interior enhancements for its on-highway and vocational trucks.
  • The new series of interior enhancements available on Model 386, 384, 389, 388, 367 and 365 trucks includes a contemporary dash design. The design uses an “in-mold” process that embeds color directly into the dash material rather than requiring an add-on finish. This process greatly reduces fading, peeling and color degradation, the OEM says.
  • All new interiors are equipped with an HVAC system that provides a 20 percent improvement in air conditioning performance, the OEM says.
  • The OEM will offer proprietary engines through its parent company, Paccar, that will use SCR to comply with 2010 federal engine-emission requirements.

Volvo Trucks North America


  • Volvo has stated that the pricing upcharge for its 2010 emission compliance technology will be $9,600 per tractor.
  • The upcharge will include the cost of integrating SCR and the diesel particular filter (DPF) into one system.
  • The OEM also is offering Volvo Enhanced Cruise, a collision avoidance system, as an option on its 2010 highway models. The system uses a truck's cruise control to maintain a set following distance between vehicles, the OEM says. The system can automatically slow the truck with the engine and foundation brakes to maintain the following distance.

Western Star


  • The OEM says it will make only minor changes to its truck models for 2010.
  • The Detroit Diesel DD15 engine is now available as an option and is targeted mainly to the OEM's vocational market applications. The DD15 delivers up to 5 percent better fuel economy when compared with Detroit Diesel's Series 60 engine, the OEM says.
  • The DD15's 6-cylinder, in-line design is available in variants from 455 to 560 horsepower and 1,550 to 1,850 lbs.-ft. torque.

Fleet Owner, a sister publication of Waste Age, compiled the majority of the information on the heavy-duty truck models. The Waste Age staff compiled the information on the refuse truck bodies.

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