Your Future is Bright With UV Cure (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

While UV Cure dominates the CIPP market in Europe and Asia, the US lags with only 10-15% of municipal contracts requiring UV Cure CIPP for mainline rehab.  UV is even less prolific in the home later market where contractors are still utilizing 80% steam inversion curing techniques.  This session will provide a case study of a 10+ year old CIPP contractor that made a strategic decision to only utilize UV Cure technology in 2017.  The business was able to grow revenues by 50% while decreasing expenses and only focusing on negotiated contract work vs. competitive bid projects.  We will unpack how to transition your team to utilize UV cure technology to provide a longer lasting CIPP install, work in environmentally sensitive areas and increase employee safety.  You will learn proven practices for how to educate clients on the benefits of UV cure and build lasting relationships with prime contractors for negotiated contracts and avoid the low price bid table.

Learning Objectives:

1. Define the differences between traditional felt/steam cure CIPP and ultraviolet light (UV) cure 

2. Discuss the business cost savings for converting to UV cure 

3. Explain best practices in educating contractors and municipal clients on the benefits of UV cure to convert competitive bid projects to negotiated contracts

4. Provide an in-depth financial analysis of a business that moved to UV Cure and increased margins 10-20%

Speaker: Matt Smith, President at UV Wizards

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