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Is there anyone out there that thinks federal leadership on recycling is a remote possibility under a Trump administration?

Eric Lombardi

November 23, 2016

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How Will the Trump Administration Lead on Recycling?

With the 40th anniversary of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act recently passing, I have been thinking about the issue of federal leadership on issues related to zero waste and the circular economy, two topics that continue to generate excitement around the world.

In doing some research I was hoping to share with you the original RCRA text that showed how the feds way back in 1976 understood the important role of national planning and coordinated action, and that now was the time for us to bring back that spirit and pull together a plan that would make American Recycling Great Again.

But then the election happened.

Is there anyone out there who thinks federal leadership on recycling is a remote possibility under a Trump administration? If so, please write me at [email protected] because I am now drifting in a sea of doubt and despair on this issue.

Normally being an optimist, I don’t like this feeling. It seems almost un-American since we are the most “can do” people on the planet. I’m a cheerleader for recycling in need of some cheer, so thanks ahead of time for any ideas you may have to share.

I’m hoping my column next month will be a sharing of the responses I get. Until then, take care of yourself and your neighbors, whoever they may be.

Eric Lombardi is the Director of Eco-Cycle International and is recognized as an authority on the social and technical aspects of creating community-based “Zero Waste” resource recovery programs.

About the Author(s)

Eric Lombardi

Executive Director, Eco-Cycle International

Eric Lombardi is the executive director of Eco-Cycle International and has had a long career in community resource conservation, social enterprise development and non-profit (NGO) organizational management since 1980.

Lombardi ran Eco-Cycle, a nationwide pioneer in recycling, from 1989-2014, a developed it to become the largest community-based recycling social enterprise in the United States with a staff of 70 and processing of more than 50,000 tons of diverse recycled materials per year (2014). Lombardi is recognized as an authority on developing comprehensive community-based resource recovery programs and is often a keynote speaker and consultant on the social and technical aspects of creating a “Zero Waste–or Darn Near” society.

Lombardi has experience both nationally and internationally as a project consultant, keynote speaker and workshop leader for government and private sector clients across the United States, and in New Zealand, England, France, Italy, Scotland, Romania, American Samoa, Tobago and Saipan. He was invited to the Clinton White House in 1998 as one of the Top 100 USA Recyclers, and he co-founded the U.S. GrassRoots Recycling Network, and the Zero Waste International Alliance, based in Wales.

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