Curio Welcomes NDB as a Customer in Using Recycled Nuclear Waste to Power Advanced Batteries

July 28, 2022

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WASHINGTON  -- Curio is pleased announce that it has entered into a letter of intent (LOI) with NDB, Inc. to use recovered radioisotopes from recycled nuclear waste as the power source for NDB's or Nano Diamond Batteries.

"Our NuCycle™ facility will recover valuable isotopes from used nuclear fuel for use in NDB's innovative batteries that could one day power hospitals, satellites, deep space probes and many other exciting endeavors that require a long battery life," said Edward McGinnis, Chief Executive Officer of Curio. "Welcoming NDB as a valued customer is another important step to unlocking the full potential of nuclear technology while substantially reducing the amount of high-level waste being stored across the nation."

"Using Curio's innovative NuCycle process for spent nuclear fuel, the NDB receives the isotopes it needs from a secure and affordable supply. Together, the NDB nuclear battery and Curio's solutions have the potential to disrupt the energy sector," said Dr. Nima Golsharifi, Chief Executive Officer of NDB.

About Curio

Dedicated to solving the most pressing hurdles facing nuclear power, Curio™ is focused on commercializing the case for a closed fuel cycle with nuclear waste recycling and unleashing the full potential of the atom. From closing the cycle to the production of proliferation-hardened alternative fuels for our current fleet of reactors, advanced reactors, nuclear medicine, deep space applications and advanced batteries, Curio sees a bright future of global prosperity powered by the atom.

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About NDB

NDB, Inc. is developing a self-charging nano diamond battery (NDB) that is an innovative energy generator and storage that redefines and revolutionizes the battery as we know it. This type of energy solutions made from radioisotopes, represent an alternative source of energy that can have a variety of applications in several fields. The company is a member of the Alchemist Accelerator and the grand winner of the Orano call 2020 and the winner of Thinking Critical by the Government of South Australia. The R&D is led by former University of Cambridge physicist, 2019 Institute of Physics Isaac Newton Medal winner, Professor Sir Michael Pepper. Founded in 2019, NDB is headquartered in San Francisco.

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