This Week in Waste: Top Stories May 13 – May 16, 2024

This Week in Waste is back with another round of top stories from This week's highlights include stories from WasteExpo 2024, a Utah Landfill, and progress from WM in Florida.

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

May 17, 2024

#5 - Zero Waste Lunch at WasteExpo Showcases Potential of Leftover, Undesirable Foods

Something incredibly fun at WasteExpo each year is the Zero Waste Lunch that pairs fine dining with sustainability. This year was no different, but it came with a challenging twist as it was this executive chef’s first attempt at a zero-waste meal.

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#4 - Utah's Promontory Point Landfill (PPL) Case Examines Municipal Solid Waste Zoning

In 2003, some landowners petitioned the County for a conditional use permit to operate a commercial waste disposal facility that would be known as the Promontory Point Landfill (PPL).  Located on the west side of the southern peninsula tip of Promontory Point and close to the Great Salt Lake, the PPL would be accessible by rail and several miles of county road.

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#3 - New WM Facility Aims to Reduce Contamination, Improve Recycling in Northwest Florida

After voting to end its previous contract, Okaloosa County Commissioners in Florida hope a new WM recycling facility will have a huge impact on recycling rates in the area.

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#2 - University of Sydney Researchers Working on Potential New Use For Landfill Gas

Atmospheric concentrations of methane are steadily climbing, currently two and half times higher than pre-industrial levels, according to the International Energy Agency. The world is pushing to reverse this trend in the face of climate change, and landfills especially have had to accelerate their efforts to stay on top of their methane emissions as the communities they serve grow.  Some entrepreneurs are working to turn this waste industry challenge into opportunity, including researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia.

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#1 - WasteExpo 2024 Highlights: Moving Mountains in Las Vegas

WasteExpo 2024 was held May 6-9 in Las Vegas. More than 13,500+ attendees experienced the latest in waste and recycling technology and innovation. Special events such as TRASHION and the EREF auction showcased the industry's dedication to finding new ways to reuse items and support the research needed to reduce emissions and divert waste.

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