Patagonia is on a Mission to Reduce Consumerism

December 9, 2020

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Patagonia has unveiled a new campaign – “Buy Less, Demand More.” The company wants to reduce the number of new products it brings into the world. With a pro-planet, anti-materialistic mission, Patagonia is focused on educating consumers about climate awareness. It also raises funds for grassroots groups fighting for cleaner air, water and soil. 

With a goal of reducing consumerism, Patagonia offers a Worn Wear program where it sells used clothing and gear. When customers browse the Patagonia website they can choose to purchase a new item or a refurbished item at a lower price. Buying used clothing is better for the environment because it doesn’t require new resources and the garment does not go to a landfill or incinerator. By 2029, resale is poised to surge past $80 billion in value, surpassing fast fashion’s projected numbers ($43 billion) for the first time. (ThredUp and GlobalData)  

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