Leading Wine Brands Launch the Alternative Packaging Alliance (APA)

April 23, 2024

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NEW YORK -- The Alternative Packaging Alliance (APA) launches today with a mission to reduce wine industry reliance on single-use glass bottles, thereby dramatically decreasing the environmental impact of the industry. The founding members include 7 eco-conscious companies with a commitment to producing high-quality wine in alternative packaging formats: Juliet Wine, Communal Brands, Really Good Boxed Wine, Giovese Family Wines, Nomadica, Ami Ami and Tablas Creek. The alliance aims to redefine the narrative around alternative packaging as the cornerstone of comprehensive sustainability efforts in wine.

"There has been an unprecedented surge in demand for high-end wines in eco-friendly packaging, driven by modern consumers who increasingly shop with the planet in mind", shares Allison Luvera, Founding Member of the APA and Co-Founder of luxury boxed wine brand Juliet. "Amid this sea change, we've recognized the need for more education, advocacy, and resources to support the burgeoning expansion of the category. With a collaborative spirit, we hope to lead industry-wide change with a positive environmental impact."

The APA shares a mission to accelerate adoption of alternatives to single-use glass packaging for the sake of the planet. It is widely known in the industry that glass bottles and their transport are the largest contributor to wine's carbon footprint and have a low recyclability rate that leads to unnecessary waste. Environmentally responsible packaging alternatives exist that reduce impact immediately but require broader acceptance by trade and consumers.

To accomplish its mission, the APA adheres to the following guiding principles:

Educate: Share operational resources and provide factual data on the environmental and practical benefits of alternative packaging.

Elevate: Highlight brands offering premium products in alternative formats and forge strategic partnerships that reshape market perceptions and increase accessibility nationwide.

Advocate: Champion the promotion, production, distribution, sale, and consumption of high-quality wine in eco-conscious packaging.

"We believe packaging should be evaluated for its functionality and environmental credentials rather than as a quality metric," adds Melissa Monti Saunders, Founder Members of the APA and CEO of Communal Brands. "Why irrationally assume products packaged in alternatives to single-use glass must be lower caliber? We believe packaging alternatives to single-use glass symbolize an eco-conscious choice. When we are boasting about boxed wine in the same way we would bicycle-riding, we know our mission is having an impact."

In year one, the APA will roll out several initiatives aimed at fostering awareness and adoption of alternative wine packaging. Strategies include partnerships with key industry players, joint retail merchandising efforts, and tasting events to demonstrate the range of high-quality wines in alternative formats available. The organization will also launch publicly available resources including educational materials on the environmental effects of glass bottles and benefits of alternative packaging.

For more information on the APA or membership, visit https://www.altpack.org/.

About the Alternative Packaging Alliance:

The Alternative Packing Alliance (APA) is a U.S.-based coalition with a mission to decrease the environmental impact of the wine industry through awareness and acceptance of quality wines in alternative formats. Founded by seven eco-conscious companies with a commitment to producing high-quality boxed wines, the alliance will focus on education, advocacy, and resources to facilitate an expansion in production and distribution of wine in alternative packaging formats. For more information visit https://www.altpack.org/.

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