August 31, 2020

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Cummins Filtration introduces two new extended service filters for waste haulers: Fleetguard FF63041NN fuel filter and the LF14009NN lube filter for Cummins 2020 L9 engines. The FF63041NN and LF14009NN provide best-in-class protection and extended service intervals of 1,500 hours or 50,000 miles for fuel and a 1000-hour service interval for lube in waste, refuse, recycling, and other demanding vocational applications.

Both new filters have a unique filter design that incorporates Fleetguard’s NanoNet® advanced media, the most effective long-life protection against contaminants that can harm fuel-injection equipment, other fuel system components and provide smoother engine operations.

NanoNet is a fully synthetic multi-layered technology with the capacity to remove and retain 10 times more particles than competitive media. It can trap particles as small as 4 microns with high efficiency and can retain those particles despite vibration, flow surge, pressure fluctuations, and other harsh conditions common to stop-and-go operations. When NanoNet is used in lube filters, the result is greater capacity, longer service life, and less flow restriction, which allows Cummins ISL9/L9 engines to operate more efficiently with less parasitic power loss.

Because it contains no cellulose fibers, NanoNet is not affected by water in the fuel and can provide three times more protection throughout the service life of the filter than the next best competitive product. The Fleetguard LF14009NN is a genuine upgrade from the original LF9009 filter with a design that maximizes power, uptime, fuel economy, and emissions management for waste, refuse, recycling, and other vocational applications.

Cummins engines and Fleetguard filters are developed together to safely extend service intervals and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The Fleetguard FF63041NN and the LF14009NN are the only filters engineered and validated to meet stringent engine test requirements for Cummins 2020 L9 engines. In addition, they are backed by full warranty protection that extends from the point of purchase throughout the recommended service life of the product.

Fleetguard takes filters to the next level by also offering FleetguardFIT™. FleetguardFIT from Cummins Filtration is the industry’s only remote monitoring system for filters, lubes, and hydraulic systems on diesel-powered vehicles, giving you the ability to schedule service based on actual performance instead of a conventional preventive maintenance calendar.

FleetguardFIT—Filtration Intelligence Technology—uses pressure sensors to gauge restrictions in oil, fuel, and air filters, as well as a fluid sensor to determine the remaining life of the oil. A control module collects the sensor data and a telematics device transmits it to the cloud for viewing via a web portal or an app on your mobile device.

Through the use of intelligent sensing and advanced data analytics, the system reduces premature fluid or filter changes to optimize maintenance intervals and downtime. Conversely, FleetguardFIT can send an alert when a problem occurs between service intervals for true predictive maintenance; as a result helps maximize uptime, reduce maintenance cost, extend equipment life, and reduce onsite human touch required for maintenance.

FleetguardFIT is an aftermarket product that takes only a few hours per vehicle to install. It’s exclusive to Fleetguard filters but can be installed on any OEM engine or engine size, and is ideal for waste, refuse, recycling, and other applications where industry-standard filter and fluid change intervals may not align with real-world operating conditions. To learn more about FleetguardFIT visit

Fleetguard products are available at more than 33,000 retail locations worldwide. For the one nearest you, go to In North America, you can call 1-800-22FILTER (1-800-223-4583).

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