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March 14, 2023

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THANK YOU for being a WasteExpo Insider. We love what you're doing on social for the waste, recycling, organics and sustainability industry!

Help us spread the word about WasteExpo, before, during and after show days, on across your social media platforms.

Here are just a few examples of posts that you can create. Please be yourself!


  • Influence your followers to register using your dedicated discount code and URL

  • Tell your followers what you plan on attending at WasteExpo -- Are you speaking at a session? Share those details and urge them to attend! Who doesn't want to talk to a packed room.

  • Show your followers what a "day in the life" is for you -- Attending a community clean-up? Educating a school on the importance of recycling? Making a recycling center run to drop off cans, plastic bottles or boxes?

  • Share your other social media platforms

  • REMINDER: Please wear and sport your WasteExpo Insider gear. :)

It's showtime, baby! | May 1-4, 2023:

  • Remind your followers that you are speaking in a session or attending a specific event

  • Facebook and Instagram lives are fun way to connect with those at the show

  • Be the man or woman on the street! Interviewing folks on the show floor are one of our top things to do. You would be surprised what you learn from them.

  • We would love to be a "collaborator" on your Instagram posts

Things to keep in mind:

  • #WasteExpo is the official hashtag

  • Tag us in your posts so we can engage and reshare to our followers

  • Don't be afraid to stop into the Waste360 booth (#5829) during exhibit hall days to recharge yourselves and your phones, grab a cup of coffee, a special treat and rest your feet!

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View the toolkit here.

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