July 1, 2004

1 Min Read
Trashy Lawsuit

Wendy Angel and Erin Spinka

As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. But sometimes, one's treasure is in the trash. A jobless Argentinian man who subsists by collecting and selling street trash found $50,000 in a trash can in the town of Cordoba.

After 46-year-old Paulo Altamirano bought a store, two cars and a house, a woman sued him, claiming the money was rightfully hers. Emilia Mascoy, a 70-year-old store owner, said her maid had thrown out a box while cleaning, not realizing there was cash stored in it.

Her lawsuit for fraud demands that her money be returned. After discovering such a find in a trash can, it is probably safe to say that Altamirano would like the lawsuit to end up in the garbage, too.

Source: Reuters

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