April 20, 2011

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Left Behinds?

Ottawa, Canada is trying to transition to bi-monthly curbside trash collection, despite polls showing residents disapprove of the move by more than two to one. A certain segment of the population is making an especially big stink: parents of diaper-age children. Because if it’s one thing you don’t want sitting around for two weeks, it’s a heaping bag of soiled diapers.

Most other putrescible material is eligible for the city’s green compostable bins, which would be collected on a weekly basis. But diapers are a special case – so much so that they helped sink a similar effort to move to bi-weekly collection two years ago. This time around, Ottawa is looking at ways to provide special pickups for diaper-producing households.

That or city workers could just come change the kids themselves.

Source: CBC News

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