NSWMA, WASTEC benefits include cheap credit card processing, insurance option.

February 10, 2013

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EIA: Give Them Credit

By Thomas Metzger

When asked about the benefits of membership that matter, most members of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) and the Waste Equipment Technology Association (WASTEC) describe opportunities to network, opportunities to get involved in advocacy efforts and its safety programs as the primary draws. Certainly, EIA-NSWMA-WASTEC is the leading voice of advocacy for the private-sector solid waste and recycling industry. Association events provide unparalleled opportunities for members to network with current and prospective customers, suppliers and peers. And the association helps its members keep their employees safe on the job. If you aren’t a member, you should join for these reasons alone.

But there are other great reasons to join our association. NSWMA-WASTEC partners with a number of providers to offer a variety of discounted industry-targeted services to members that have saved members more than enough money to cover the entire cost of their dues.

For example, Card Payment Services (CPS) offers NSWMA and WASTEC members the lowest rates available for credit card processing. This includes utility rate pricing for NSWMA members and Level 3 Processing for WASTEC members. In addition to acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, CPS also handles checks and automated clearing house (ACH) payments. Some members have seen their processing fees decrease by more than 30 percent.

In addition to lowering processing fees, CPS helps members simplify their reconciliation process, gives them a system that is compliant with their security requirements and improves the experience of members’ customers when paying their bills.

By using CPS, Ohio-based NSWMA member Rumpke Consolidated Companies Inc. achieved savings of more than 40 percent of their previous processing fees, and these savings in the first month alone covered their annual NSWMA dues. A Rumpke official stated about CPS services, “I couldn’t be happier with CPS. Their service is the best of the best! We constantly get calls to switch credit card processors, but no one can match the combination of rates, products, and service of CPS.”

The CPS management team has more than 40 years of combined experience in automated payment processing and banking services. CPS serves thousands of businesses throughout the country and specializes in payment processing for the waste management industry and their suppliers. If your company accepts credit card payments, you should talk to CPS about getting better services at a lower price with a free analysis.

Other examples of worthwhile discounts available through NSWMA membership include:

• The customized surety programs offered to members through Nielson & Co., which eliminate the need for collateral or irrevocable letters of credit as a condition for obtaining bonds, freeing up available bank credit to allow your business to grow.

• The limited medical insurance or “mini-med” plans available to NSWMA-WASTEC members through Assurance that can be used as a limited healthcare benefit plan for lower-wage, part-time or other employees who are not eligible or cannot afford traditional major medical coverage, providing opportunities especially for small- to medium-sized business owners to offer health care coverage to their workers.

• The drug and alcohol testing program management and driver qualification file management programs offered to NSWMA members through Concorde.

• Additionally, NSWMA-WASTEC members are eligible for discounts on property and casualty insurance coverage, discounted energy and communications services, and a full range of shipping services.

If your company is an NSWMA or WASTEC member, you should take advantage of these preferred services and discounts. If your company does not currently belong to NSWMA or WASTEC, these programs are additional reasons to join today. For more information about any of these programs, visit http://www.Environmentalists EveryDay.org/member-discounts.

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