Fueling Your Fleet Now and Into the Future (WasteExpo 2022)

June 6, 2022

While “zero emission” and “battery electric” are the hot buzzwords, compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling technology continues to have a strong footing in the refuse industry. Therefore, the death of the internal combustion engine has been greatly exaggerated. Fueling infrastructure for battery electric and CNG/RNG is still not feasible in vast swaths of the country, and clean diesel technology has made great strides. Engine manufacturers have focused on reducing emissions for more than a decade, and they now claim that current tailpipe emissions are cleaner than the air entering the engine! Whether your fleet is all diesel, you’ve transitioned some of it to CNG/RNG or you’re leading the charge in battery-electric vehicle adoption, there are many great ways to keep driving your refuse collection fleet forward.

Don Ross (Moderator), Vice President, Sales and Marketing, McLaughlin Family Companies and New Way Trucks
George Fotopoulos, Vice President, E-Mobility Business, Mack Trucks
Marc de Smidt, Vice President, ACX Refuse Engineering
Michael Patterson, CEO, Battle Motors
Scott Lucero, Vice President, Sales, Hexagon Agility
Scott Scholz, General Manager, GreenWaste of Palo Alto

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