Compology Talks Tech Trends, What to Look Out for at WasteExpo

We sat down with Reza Kashani, head of marketing for Compology, to discuss some top industry trends and what the company has in store for the rest of 2019.

Cristina Commendatore, Former Senior Editor

April 23, 2019

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Heading into WasteExpo 2019, San Francisco-based waste-tech company Compology has a lot to look forward to.

During the show, the company will highlight its dumpster monitoring software that provides remote visibility into dumpster fullness, contents, location and service. Compology also will showcase its camera-based contamination recognition, measurement and scoring technology, Contamination Score (CScore); its Text-To-Order product that automates service prompts and submissions for roll-off; and its software API and integration capabilities. Plus, the company is looking forward to a May 6 panel on artificial intelligence (AI) and contamination that will feature Compology CEO Jason Gates.

With WasteExpo just around the corner, we sat down with Reza Kashani, head of marketing for Compology, for an exhibitor preview to discuss some top industry trends, as well as what to look out for from the company throughout the rest of 2019.

Waste360: What is Compology’s main focus heading into WasteExpo?

Reza Kashani: We’re really excited about our CEO Jason Gates’ panel, “Artificial Intelligence & The War on Contamination,” alongside Environmental Solutions Group CEO and President Pat Carroll and Waste Management Senior Executive Jason Rose. All three companies are focused on cutting-edge technologies, and we’re really going to dive in on the application of artificial intelligence technologies that are helping stop contamination upstream to not only improve hauler profitability but, more importantly, educate waste generators on proper recycling with high-touch, targeted coaching. We’ll talk about how AI technology helps automate and affordably scale the collection of vital dumpster and contamination data we need to better coach households and businesses on disposable habits, guide governmental regulations and modify operations to create clean streams from start to finish. The session will be Monday, May 6 at 3:15 p.m. PT.

Waste360: How can waste and recycling operations benefit from your camera-based dumpster monitoring technology?

Reza Kashani: At our core, Compology’s dumpster cameras gather detailed fullness, content, location and service information and deliver actionable data so haulers can immediately operate more efficiently. More recently, however, we’ve been able to apply machine learning technology to the same images we already collect every day to identify fullness to now also identify contamination. With recent economic changes in China and India, the ability to identify contamination upstream is a game changer for domestic recycling service providers and one of the best ways to keep services economically viable.


Waste360: Please tell us about Compology’s contamination recognition, measuring and scoring technology and how it can benefit haulers.

Reza Kashani: Here’s a video of our CEO detailing exactly why we created CScore and the value it brings to haulers, generators, processors and regulators. What we found is that there was no standardized unit of measure to benchmark where we are today and our progress toward cleaner recycling streams tomorrow. Through the power of our in-dumpster cameras and artificial intelligence, we can now scan the dumpster images we collect daily to not only assess fullness of a dumpster but also to identify pieces of contamination in each. The fullness of a dumpster and the number of pieces of contamination are the two core pieces that determine a CScore. The value of a trusted standard of contamination measurement is the ability to provide targeted, high-touch education, enable profitable recycling and organics collection models for haulers and help generators and regulators measure and work toward their zero waste and diversion goals.


Waste360: How can haulers use data to improve their overall operations and customer service needs?

Reza Kashani: Whether you provide commercial or industrial hauling services, we believe that knowing where your dumpsters are, how full they are and what’s inside of them, whether it’s contamination or material type, are all critical data points to improving operational efficiency, increasing revenue and providing white glove service to your customers. That’s why we built our camera-based dumpster monitoring software that delivers dumpster data in a user-friendly interface. With Compology’s data, scrap haulers can identify container fullness and know exactly when to go pick it up, commercial haulers can identify contamination loads and educate generators to avoid fees and C&D [construction and demolition] haulers can keep an eye on their dumpsters to prompt customers for more timely service and increased turns.


Waste360: What are some of the top trends you’re seeing right now across the industry?

Reza Kashani: We’ve officially entered the age of technology adoption in waste and recycling. Just a few years ago, it seemed as though adopting data-based technology or artificially intelligent robotics was too intrusive to the industry. But now, with changes in the global economy coinciding with improvements in technology and affordability, our industry recognizes the value and is embracing a progression in culture. These new technologies are no longer looked at as an additional cost, but rather a necessity for measuring and improving efficiency while also opening doors to services and solutions that weren’t previously possible—like taking on and solving recycling contamination.

Waste360: What can we expect to see from Compology over the course of 2019?

Reza Kashani: We really believe in the value of dumpster data and the positive impact it can have across our industry, so we’re always focused on finding ways to make it easier for our customers to access and apply it in their operations. With our rapid growth, we’ve taken the time to really listen to our customers, and what we’ve found is that our fullness, content, location and service data have a really positive impact on hauler operations. Still, we understand that some clients are already using other important software as well. In order for us to be able to make a larger impact for our industry and to reach more customers, we’ve opened our API and can now integrate with any of the top software used by haulers and waste services providers. No matter what software you’re currently using, we can plug Compology’s dumpster data directly into that software, so you can access everything you need all in one place! Here’s a quick video on exactly why we believe integration is vital for success.

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Former Senior Editor, Waste360

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