Amrep's Rear-Load Truck — Toughness on Full Display

June 1, 2022

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The Amrep rear load truck puts toughness on full display with its durable Hardox steel body and sweeper arm. In fact, it’s the only rear-load truck on the market to feature a Hardox steel body, making it tougher, longer-lasting and more dependable than the competition.

When you combine that hard toughness and dependability with the proven simplicity of the rear- load design, overall lower cost of maintenance and ownership, and legendary Amrep reliability, these may be the longest lasting, most indestructible trucks ever made.


You need the rear-load truck from Amrep. Well known and well respected as the premier manufacturer of automated-side-load and front-end-load refuse truck bodies, Amrep has extended its expertise to the classic rear load truck design. The design offers the unmatched durability and toughness to handle any job thrown its way, while still providing the agility to easily maneuver through tight alleyways and adverse weather conditions. 

If you’re a smaller municipality, a parks department, or a hauler of any size, there’s a lot to love about our rear-load trucks. First off, the cost. The initial investment is smaller to put a rear-load truck on the road. Cost of ownership is lower, too, because of less overall maintenance on the rear load versus an automated vehicle. Not to mention they’re easier to work on, due to fewer intricate components and technical complexity, making downtime shorter when repairs are necessary. Because they’re simply tough.

Some haulers go back to rear load due to contamination reasons. With a rear-load truck, workers can sort through content, whereas with an ASL truck the driver never leaves the cab. Contamination of recycled content is lessened with a rear-load truck, because the pick-up crew can differentiate materials.

Lastly, there’s a customer service element, a more human element, with a rear-load truck versus an automated truck. Because humans are the ones operating them, working on them, and relying on them everyday.   


Experience the peace of mind that comes with a premier service and parts provider. Since regular maintenance is crucial to a vehicle’s serviceable longevity, and occasional breakdowns are part of life for hard-working trucks, you need a name you can trust. And Amrep is backed by Wastequip’s all-in-one national network, so you can trust your new rear-load truck will receive the best in parts, service, maintenance and repair available through Wastebuilt and Wastequip WRX. Having that support will help your fleet experience less downtime, keep more trucks on the road and lead to a better bottom line.


Amrep’s rear load offers everything you want, need and love in a truck: ease of use, low maintenance, low cost of ownership and operation, and the ability to provide more jobs per truck. Best-in-class improvements include Hardox AR500 and AR450 construction, and access to parts and service from Wastequip WRX. This truck is guaranteed to be a tough, hard-working and versatile member of your fleet for many years to come. Learn more about the hardest- working loaders in the industry at

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