Your Company Can Enhance Itself by Instilling a Teaching Culture (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

Why is it that some companies seem to "run themselves?"  The answer is quite simple – those companies know how to teach.  There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to teaching.  For some, teaching is a lifetime profession.  It is endlessly complex and is always unique according to the specific task at hand.  And yet, despite that complexity and those ambiguous conditions that prevent a one size fits all approach, there are basic concepts that you can learn and apply regardless of your unique situation.  Having awareness of these basic concepts will give you the foundation that you need to tailor and instill a culture of teaching.  Understanding how people learn, recognizing systems that promote learning, and empowering others to share knowledge has a theoretical side and a practical side.  As a leader, YOU have to assess, apply, and adjust the practical side.  During this presentation, I will expose you to the theoretical side.  This will give you a bird's eye view of what's happening.  Understanding is half the battle.  Integrate these concepts into your company's culture, and watch as your company takes on those traits and habits associated with a company that, "runs itself."

Learning Objectives:

1. Reflect on one skill you know well and those most pivotal moments that allowed you to comprehend and apply that skill

2. Explain the theory associated with Kolbe's Experiential Learning Model (ELM)

3. Conduct a live practical participation of ELM applied to a simple concept

4. Provide a concise example of how Kolbe's learning model was applied at Pipe Services

Speaker: Ryan Mergen, CEO at Pipe Services

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