This Week in Waste: Top Stories for the Month of October

This week we're looking back at October and highlighting the most popular stories for the month! Acquisitions, vapes, and tons of recycling!

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

November 2, 2023

#5 - Coastal Waste & Recycling Adds Sixth MRF with Acquisition of AFS Recycling

Coastal Waste & Recycling, a Florida-based waste management company, has completed a series of acquisitions, expanding its presence in portable restroom services and adding a sixth material recovery facility to its portfolio.

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#4 - Realcycle Restores Recycling Confidence in New Orleans

Realcycle is making its mission to restore confidence for New Orleans residents about recycling and is working to keep the city clean.

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#3 - Springfield, Mo. Teaches Kids About Recycling with “Trash or Treat” Event

The city of Springfield, Mo., and its environmental services are hosting a “Trash or Treat” event to teach kids about recycling and taking care of the earth.

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#2 - E-Cigarettes and Vapes Pose Disposal Challenges

The surge in popularity of disposable e-cigarettes is posing a new environmental challenge in the United States.

With around 12 million disposable vapes being purchased each month, communities are grappling with how to safely dispose of these small, battery-powered devices, considered hazardous waste due to their nicotine, lithium, and metal content.

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#1 -  San Diego Rolls Out 210,000 Organic Waste Recycling Bins to Residents

This week, San Diego’s Environmental Services Department reported that it had completed the delivery of 210,000 new organic waste recycling bins to homes.

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Gage Edwards

Content Producer, Waste360

Gage Edwards is a Content Producer at Waste360 and seasoned video editor.

Gage has spent the better part of 10 years creating content in various industries but mostly revolving around video games.

Gage loves video games, theme parks, and loathes littering.

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