June 15, 2020

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DUBLIN, Ohio June 14, 2020 – Arley Owens, Executive Director for the Ohio Recycling Coalition, announced today the national launch of a much needed economic power driver, “America 2.0 Strategic Strike Stimulus, Made In America NOW!  

“The Ohio Recycling Coalition’s Leadership Team made a critical business assistance decision to help America’s Recycling Industry. To accomplish this the Ohio Recycling Coalition will champion promoting the reduction of the dependence of overseas factories to manufacture goods and products made from the recycled materials such as; plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, e-waste, corrugated, textiles and styrofoam shipped to them by America’s Recycling Industry.”

“The Ohio Recycling Coalition’s America 2.0 Strategic Strike Stimulus, Made In America NOW! was formulated to spark a national movement centered on bringing back and restarting America’s manufacturing and fabrication of products and goods made from integrating recycled material as a source of feedstock, stated E. Louise Holiday, President of the Ohio Recycling Coalition and the Jefferson County Education Coordinator for the JB Green Team Solid Waste Authority located in Steubenville, Ohio. Made In America NOW! has the capability to create jobs, provide gainful employment and training for America’s unemployed or underemployed. Promoting Made In America NOW’s Seven Power Point Plan will become the framework to revitalize, rebuild and restore America’s Recycling Manufacturing Industry.”

Sophia Huda, Vice President, for the Ohio Recycling Coalition and Communications and Public Affairs Expert for Sustainability and the Circular Economy for the greater New York City Area said, “We must turn to ourselves, the Recycling, Waste Management and Sustainable Industry, to Restart, Reset, Retool and Revive our Recycling Industry.” America has the wherewithal, the engineering capability, and the vacant or underutilized factories, store fronts, deserted shopping centers necessary for new use manufacturing, fabrication and fashion centers. Together we will and can make this happen!”  

The Ohio Recycling Coalition is a 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Nonprofit Trade Association whose mission is, “To partner with and facilitate activities between and among non-profit organizations, solid waste districts, businesses, trade associations, government agencies and individuals to maintain a prosperous and productive American recycling system that is committed to the conservation of natural resources.” Please go to www.orcreycles.org to learn about the programs and services offered by the Ohio Recycling Coalition.  Contact Arley Owens, Executive Director at [email protected] or call 614-517-7954 Mobile Phone.                                                                                   

Made In America NOW! - Seven Power Point Plan      

1. Passage of a Federal 2020 Recycling Reset Made In America NOW! Stimulus Bill that would allocate funds to bring on line new sustainable businesses housed in renovated vacant factories and buildings.

2. Bring back recycling and sustainable related jobs to America and create new business opportunities, business ventures, new entrepreneurs and JOBS paying a living wage or more!

3. Create and maintain a supply chain for buying and using recycled materials from America companies. These materials will become feedstock for new products and goods made right here in the USA in renovated, retro fitted, retooled and reset with new manufacturing equipment.

4. Close the manufacturing, marketing, distribution recycling loop by using the recycled and repurposed material now being shipped overseas to manufacture and fabricate goods and products manufactured from recycled or repurposed material.

5. Renovate vacant stores and shopping centers and turn them into buy recycled and sustainable sales and display centers to include remanufacturing and sustainable businesses, professional services, training and trade schools and Eco-Wear Fashion Showplaces.

6. Establish and maintain a Sustaining Financial Loan and Grant Foundation Center specifically for the recycling and       sustainable business industry.

7. Create an online ORC America 2.0 Made In America NOW! Employment Opportunities Hotline and Career Center to include an Internship Program, and establishing the ORC America 2.0 Environmental Leadership Academy. 

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