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Anmet Produces Chipboard Panels Made from Old CompositesAnmet Produces Chipboard Panels Made from Old Composites

Anmet, a recycling company in Poland, is developing new chipboard panels by recycling old composites.

March 16, 2023

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Anmet, a recycling company in Szprotawa, Poland, has been working hard repurposing decommissioned composite wind turbine blades into items like furniture. Now, Anmet is working toward recycling composites into chipboard panels for construction with a new, patented process.

Amnet has conducted independent research on developing a process to shred composite parts and use them to create chipboard as a replacement for wood.

The new plates created by Anmet are said to have plenty of advantages over standard chipboard plates such as increased strength, increased fire resistance, the ability to be recycled multiple times and many more pros.

The construction industry has already expressed interest in implementing the recycled composite chipboard panels, according to Anmet.

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