Miller Environmental Group Works Towards a More Efficient and Responsible Waste System

January 19, 2022

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Miller Environmental
Miller Environmental

CALVERTON, N.Y. -- Miller Environmental Group Inc. (MEG) announces industry veteran Josh Hanlon as new VP of Transfer, Storage & Disposal Facilities (TSDF). As clients ask for more economical waste solutions, Hanlon is working with all TSDF locations to create more efficiencies by leveraging vertical integrations. "MEG uses improved technology to process waste to reuse, recycle, or break it down into a safe state. Our goal is for better efficiency all around - and everyone wins."

MEG accomplishes this first by purchasing and/or building a TSDF to control client's waste and how it's processed. By operating its own TSDFs, MEG secures the destination, future, and safety of that waste.

Second, MEG brings technological advances to TSDFs, enhancing the recycling of product brought in. For example, MEG separates gasoline or oil out of water, and can sell the recovered fuel for beneficial use. This helps clients and the environment by knowing their waste is taken care of in a safe and legal manner

Achieving true cost-effective and earth-friendly waste solutions is ambitious. Over the next 12 months MEG will have their Buffalo, NY TSDF construction completed and on line, which adds to their existing locations in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida.

"Having a single source provider for both waste transportation and disposal is incredibly important for generators to stay in compliance, reduce costs and create efficiencies," said Hanlon. "We help the customer identify what their waste is, and provide their best solution for recycle, recovery or disposal. We have a fleet of vehicles and technicians who collect that waste for them and transport it. Lastly, where is that waste going and how is it controlled? This is where our TSDFs come in. We're a single source provider for all their environmental needs."

MEG helps businesses find the best way to reduce, reuse, and recycle - saving money & time.

ABOUT MEG - Founded in 1971, MEG is a leading environmental services company with teams standing by 24/7 from coast to coast, offering Industrial Services, Environmental Remediation, Emergency Response, Environmental Training and Compliance, Waste Transportation/Disposal and more to clients of all sizes and in varying industries. More information is available at

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