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Chobani Joins How2Recycle Label Program

Chobani Packaging In store
Improving the recyclability of its packaging is one of Chobani’s sustainability goals for furthering environmental wellness.

Chobani is the latest company to join the expanding How2Recycle label program. By joining the How2Recycle program, Chobani fans will be able to quickly know how to recycle their Chobani packaging when they are done with it.

Each How2Recycle label is given after a full recyclability assessment of the packaging by the How2Recycle team. Included in each label are instructions on what to do with each component of a package and special instructions if a package needs to be prepared before recycling. For example, if a package needs to be rinsed before recycling.

By using the How2Recycle label, Chobani will make it easier for customers to recycle right. Chobani said it is taking meaningful strides to achieve a sustainable food system through its operations. Improving the recyclability of its packaging is one of Chobani’s sustainability goals for furthering environmental wellness.

“We’ve always stood for more than the food we make,” said Nate Shepley Streed, director of sustainability at Chobani, in a statement. “We’re about creating real change to make the food system more sustainable—not just checking the box. The work How2Recycle is doing to educate and support consumers about recycling is incredibly important, and we’re proud to join in their mission.”

Since its official launch in 2012, How2Recycle has grown to more than 90 member companies and can be found on thousands of name brand products in stores across the U.S. and Canada, with more labels being added to products each day. In addition to providing custom recyclability assessments of each package, How2Recycle is shaping the future of packaging sustainability by providing suggestions for how a company can make their packaging more recyclable.

“We’re thrilled to welcome such a beloved brand to How2Recycle,” said Caroline Cox, project manager for How2Recycle, in a statement. “Chobani understands that recycling can be complicated and confusing, and by joining How2Recycle, they’re cutting through the chaos by transparently instructing their consumers exactly how to prepare their packages for recycling. Together, we can recycle more and better.”

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