JN Fibers to Start Plastics Recycling Facility in South Carolina

JN Fibers Inc. will establish a new recycling facility in Richburg, S.C., to turn discarded soda and water bottles into polyester staple fibers.

JN Fibers, which is based in Zhejiang, China, said in a news release the facility will cost $45 million and create 318 jobs. The recycled fibers the plant will make will go for use in the home textiles, furniture, upholstery and automotive industries.

The company will revamp an existing building as well as add space for a total operation of 600,000 square feet. JN Fibers expects the plant to begin operations in the third quarter of 2014.

JN Fibers Inc. will operate the plant and market their products under their subsidiary Sun Fibers LLC.

South Carolina’s Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved a rural infrastructure grant of $800,000 and approved job development credits.


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