Quick Quiz: True of False

1. Recycling can save communities money.

2. More plastic packaging is recovered for recycling than paper packaging.

3. Old corrugated boxes can be recycled.

4. Post-consumer paper is paper that has been used by consumers.

5. Only half of the states in the United States have mills that recycle.

6. It is possible to recycle 100 percent of the paper we use.

7. More paper is sent to landfills in the United States than is recovered.

8. Thirty-five percent of the fiber used in U.S. mills comes from recovered paper.

9. Wood fibers can be recycled indefinitely.

10. There are more trees in the United States today than there were 70 years ago.

Answers to QuickQuiz: 1.- True.

2.- False. More paper and paperboard packaging is recovered for recycling than all plastic, glass and metal combined.

3.- True.

4.- True.

5.- False. Forty-two out of the 50 states have mills using recovered paper.

6.- False. Because of permanent storage, contamination and fiber degradation, we could never recycle 100 percent of our paper.

7.- False. More paper is recovered in the United States than is sent to landfills.

8.- True.

9.- False. Fibers only can be recycled five to seven times before they become too short and "worn out" to be recycled again.

10.- True.

(c)1997, TAPPI, the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. Reprinted by permission. For more information, contact: TAPPI Public Outreach, P.O. Box 105113, Atlanta, Ga. 30348-5113. (800) 291-3145. Website: www.tappi.org

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