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Feasting for Free

Article-Feasting for Free

A new fad in metropolitan areas has socially conscious people sifting through garbage to find fodder for their daily nutritional needs. These “freegans,” none of whom are even remotely destitute or homeless, rummage through trash in areas like New York City's trendy Upper East Side to find discarded fruit and other unspoiled food. Their actions stem from their refusal to economically support companies that waste food and anger over so much wasted food in today's capitalistic society. “I'm saying we're too materialistic, and it's ruining our daily lives,” says Freegan Adam Weissman. Freegans claim that they do not get sick from their eating habits because they take care to not eat anything spoiled and to carefully wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Still, selecting one's dinner menu from a garbage bag seems less than appealing. If they're that worried about wasting food, maybe someone should educate the freegans about composting.
Source: www.FoxNews.com