Product Survey: Landfill Liners

May 28, 2008

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Product Survey: Landfill Liners

Agru America

Agru America, Georgetown, S.C., manufactures the Super Gripnet geomembrane liner with high-density polyethylene or linear low-density polyethylene for containment and drainage applications, such as landfi ll caps and landfi ll slopes. Spikes on the underside of the liner, which can be removed with a special cutting tool, offer stability on steep slopes, the company says. The liners also feature smooth edges to create wedge welds between sheets.

CETCO Lining Technologies

CETCO Lining Technologies, Arlington Heights, Ill., offers a line of geosynthetic clay liners that are manufactured with durable, high-strength geotextiles and a layer of lowpermeability Volclay sodium bentonite, which provides a hydraulic seal. The liners measure less than 1-in. in thickness and are available in large rolls with an overlapped seam. The company’s Bentomat line features needle-punched reinforcement for use on steep slopes. The line also includes the company’s Supergroove technology, which allows the liners to be overlapped.

Donnelly Fabricators

Donnelly Fabricators, Lawrenceville, Ga., offers the Articulating Block Mat for use on soft subgrades. The mats form a system of staggered, interconnected blocks when fi lled with fi ne aggregate concrete, the company says. The edges of each block are permeable, and also act as a drain, fi lter and hinge. The mats are reinforced by high-strength cables that are threaded in the center of the blocks between two layers of fabric and the grout ducts.

GSE Lining Technology

GSE Lining Technology, Houston, offers the Hy perNet TR x geonet and the FabriNet TR x geocomposite high-fl ow biplanar drainage products. According to the company, the HyperNet TRx features a set of strands that are designed to run parallel to machine direction to increase fl ow channels and transport liquids and gases. A second set of diagonal strands prevents soil or geotextile intrusion.

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