October 12, 2001

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Pennsylvania Waste Haulers Fined More than $2 Million

Danielle Jackson

Harrisburg, Pa. -- Waste hauling companies and truck drivers were fined more than $2 million for environmental violations during Operation Clean Sweep, a statewide surprise inspection of waste haulers from May 21-29, 2001.

During Operation Clean Sweep, inspectors from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), State Police and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) conducted surprise inspections of more than 40,000 garbage trucks at every landfill in the state.

DEP inspectors checked trucks for environmental regulations, including leaking loads and improper tarps. State police and DOT officials conducted safety inspections, looking for violations such as bad brakes and bald tires. All agencies checked for overweight trucks. Additionally, the DOT and state police ensured that all drivers were licensed and had proper documentation.

The DEP fined 26 haulers a total of $1.8 million. District managers levied $395,425 in criminal fines against more than 1,200 drivers.

Haulers were cited for 11,082 safety and environmental violations, with 12 trucking firms accounting for 2,073 of the violations.

Houston-based Waste Management Inc. was charged $815,000, the largest penalty. Houston-based BFI was fined $152,000.

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