October 18, 2023

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Women Waste Workers
Waste Pro

Jasper, GA – : What do you do when you have driven a school bus for years and are ready for a long-term career that suits you better? Three drivers in North Georgia took that leap with Waste Pro and are not looking back!

This sounds all too familiar for three North Georgia Waste Pro drivers; they were ready to get behind the wheel of a different type of vehicle. Wendy Smith, Crystal Underwood, and Brooke White enjoyed serving the community but felt undervalued in their role in driving a local school bus. After seeing a Facebook Ad, former school bus driver Wendy Smith called Waste Pro, and as they say, the rest is history.

Meet Wendy Smith – the first driver to take that leap and join the Waste Pro Family. She answered the ad, started talking with Divisional Vice President Jerry Harrison, test-drove her first Automated Side Load (ASL) truck, and knew driving for Waste Pro would be the right fit for her. Wendy spread the word, and soon, two other co-workers were ready to join the team at Waste Pro. Brooke White and Crystal Underwood were excited to take their knowledge of the area and use it for a new opportunity.

“At first, getting behind the wheel, the truck was a lot wider, but without excited kids in the back, it was actually easier to drive the ASL,” shared Wendy.

“Wendy told me how great it was over at Waste Pro, and I knew I needed a change,” shared Brooke. “I felt like Waste Pro checked a lot of boxes. This was a better opportunity for me as an individual and for my family, and Jerry made learning this new career easy.”

Brooke has always been in service roles in her community. Before driving a school bus, she was a substitute teacher and dental assistant. “I still feel connected to people knowing my customers, and there is much more appreciation for what I do. There were so many benefits I was not expecting, and my pay increased substantially. I don’t have to struggle anymore. Waste Pro changed my life and the life of my kids.”

All three drivers have active families and found they can provide better for them thanks to their careers at Waste Pro. “Waste Pro’s family-first philosophy is important to me and my kids. "Being able to do more in the afternoons means a better quality of life,” said Wendy.

Crystal shared, “This career change has given me the work-life balance I needed; I am more financially secure and can provide for my family. I have been able to achieve goals here that I never thought were possible. All of this, thanks to Waste Pro.”

Jerry and his team at Waste Pro’s North Georgia Hauling are proud to share that one-third of the North Georgia Hauling drivers are female. “We are breaking down stereotypes and giving those who want to drive an opportunity to join Waste Pro. We will teach if you are willing to learn, and then everyone wins.”  “These drivers are huge assets to our team at Waste Pro, and I hope more females are encouraged to see what an exciting career awaits them in the solid waste industry.”

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