This Week in Waste: Top Stories of 2023 Part 2

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Gage Edwards, Content Producer

December 29, 2023

#5 - How a California Hauler Makes Cannabis Waste Collection Easy

California is known as a frontrunner in legislation and regulation. Even though cannabis has been approved for medical use in the state since 1996, the state's burgeoning industry is still navigating the waste it produces. Easy Waste Management, a Los Angeles-based company founded just five years ago, is working to inform government officials, businesses, and the public about the cannabis waste stream.

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#4 - British Columbia’s Local Fix for Tire Waste

When you think of Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF), you might envision bands of volunteers combing beaches, lifting cigarette butts and empty water bottles with trash-grabbing poles. But the Foundation, known for its work cleaning up plastic litter from oceans and shorelines, goes after other waterway-bound trash too, including rubber from tires and polystyrene foam that’s packed inside those tires. While tire scraps, and especially foam, wreak havoc on aquatic ecosystems, the material has value to recyclers and the industries they sell to.

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#3 - Nearly Half of U.S. Consumers Unaware About EV Battery Recyclability

As the use of technology grows globally, U.S. consumers fail to know how to dispose of their batteries properly. New research from Ascend Elements explores what Americans think about EV technology and its lifecycle.

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#2 - Accelerating Demand for Scrap Metals Drives Need to Prove Supply Chain Integrity

Demand for recycled metals is steadily climbing; Wood Mackenzie projects demand for steel scrap will grow another 200 million tons a year and aluminum by 75 million tons a year by 2040. With that trend, as with other commodities, the pressure is on to ensure supply chain integrity. In answer, commodities trading facilitator Orbex developed a trading platform for certified recycled metals.

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#1 - Meet the 2023 Waste360 40 Under 40 Winners!

The Winners of Waste360’ 40 Under 40 Award! This program recognizes inspiring and innovative professionals under the age of 40 whose work in waste, recycling and organics who have made a significant contribution to the industry. The winners are involved in every part of the waste and recycling industry, including haulers, municipalities, composters, recycling professionals, policymakers and product suppliers.

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Gage Edwards

Content Producer, Waste360

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