This Week in Waste: Top Stories February 2024 - Part Two

On this extra edition of This Week in Waste, we look at the top stories from the month of Feburary, including saving food from the Super Bowl and lithium-ion battery contaimination.

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

March 4, 2024

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#5 - How a Florida Code Inspector Took Things Too Far in Dealing with One Resident’s Messy Yard

Over many years, Tampa, Fla., resident Carl Cosio accumulated in his yard an assortment of discards—newspapers, bottles, cans, tubs, barrels, dolls, toys, pickup trucks—scattered here and there amongst an abundant overgrowth of trees, plants and wild vegetation.

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#4 - Aqua Metals and 6K Energy Set Out to Build U.S. Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain

Today Asia runs the world’s only full lithium-ion battery manufacturing supply chain, but some U.S. players are trying to change that scenario by building infrastructure on their home ground, including Aqua Metals and 6K Energy.

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#3 - New Jersey's Bag Ban Backfires, According to New Survey

The New Jersey bag ban, which was implemented to protect the environment, has left residents with piles of unused, "reusable" plastic bags. However, PlasTechFree, Inc., foresaw this issue and began cooking up a solution.

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#2 - Food Recovery Network Rescues 4,000 Pounds of Super Bowl Food

Food Recovery Network (FRN), a college student-powered nonprofit, managed to salvage 4,000 pounds from this year's Super Bowl, turning this lavish food fest into an opportunity to stand behind the mantra “waste not, want not.”

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#1 - Taming the Li-Ion: Why US and Canadian Operators Lead the World in Containment of Lithium-ion Battery Hazards in Our Waste and Recycling Streams

The reality is most people don’t like change. Sometimes change is self-driven, but usually, there is an outside force that drives us to change. In this case, the hazard, as you can see from the increased fires from 2016 to 2018, was truly driven by an increase and unpreparedness for the lithium-ion battery onslaught that punched the industry in 2018.

Read the full article here.

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Gage Edwards

Content Producer, Waste360

Gage Edwards is a Content Producer at Waste360 and seasoned video editor.

Gage has spent the better part of 10 years creating content in various industries but mostly revolving around video games.

Gage loves video games, theme parks, and loathes littering.

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