This Week in Waste: October 9 - October 12

Another week full of stories from the waste industry! This week Washington State Examines Legislative Measures, Veolia North America Publishes Sustainability Report, Envision Charlotte Showcases Novel Circularity Concepts, and more.

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

October 12, 2023

#5 - Washington State Examines Legislative Measures to Curb Litter, Single-Use Plastics

A recent report highlights Washington's efforts to combat litter by implementing legislation such as bans on single-use plastic bags and automatic provision of food serviceware, with beverage containers identified as a significant source of litter.

Read the full article here.

#4 - Veolia North America Publishes Sustainability Report Detailing Efforts in Waste Reduction and Wastewater Treatment

Veolia North America (VNA) has unveiled its annual Sustainability Report, showcasing its progress in achieving its sustainability goals across more than 500 communities globally, with an emphasis on waste reduction and energy conservation.

Read the full article here.

#3 - Rhinopaq’s Answer to Reuse Packaging for E-Commerce

German startup rhinopaq is tackling packaging sustainability by producing reusable polypropylene (PP) shipping boxes for e-commerce companies. While the initial production has a higher carbon footprint than disposable cardboard, these PP boxes can be used more than 20 times, saving carbon emissions and wood resources, aligning with Europe's push for reusable and recyclable packaging by 2030.

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#2 - Envision Charlotte Showcases Novel Circularity Concepts

Charlotte, North Carolina learned several years ago that 88 percent of its waste was going to landfill, which was filling up fast. That was among the impetuses of picking up the pace on a movement starting to ripple across some cities: a transition to a circular economy to keep stockpiling discards with value in use while creating local jobs. And from that aspiration the Innovation Barn was born, a living lab of sorts that serves as ground zero for this work.

Read the full article here.

#1 - Appeals Court Rules in Favor of City of Cleveland in Garbage Truck Collision Case Under Ohio Law

For those at the wheel of a garbage truck, as with other large vehicles, negotiating turns in urban traffic is a demanding and risky task.  A case from Ohio illustrates the inevitable mishaps.

Read the full article here.

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Gage Edwards

Content Producer, Waste360

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Gage has spent the better part of 10 years creating content in various industries but mostly revolving around video games.

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