Municipal and State Food Waste Policy as a Lever for Tackling Climate Change (WasteExpo 2022)

June 6, 2022

The United States 2030 Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal aims to cut food loss and waste in half by the year 2030. However, despite the fact that food waste is responsible for 4% of the total US GHG emissions, it is often left out of conversations about climate action planning and key policy priorities. This panel will focus on how to bring food waste strategies to the forefront of climate discussions, examples of how cities have advanced food waste policies beyond their borders and examples of effective food waste policies at the local, state and federal level.

Attendees will get strategies for prioritizing food waste policy in their state or municipality, learn about ways that municipalities are engaging on state and federal policy priorities and how to connect food waste reduction to municipal climate action planning. Panelists will also discuss food waste policies currently being considered at the federal level and in some US cities/states. 


  • Madeline Keating, City Strategist, NRDC. CO (moderator)

  • Ida Arabshahi, Program Analyst, Department of Energy and Environment, District of Columbia

  • Renee Wallace, Executive Director, FoodPlus Detroit

  • Holly Stirnkorb, Senior Solid Waste Planner, Portland, OR

  • Brittany McPeak, LEED AP, TRUE Advisor, Sustainability Project Coordinator, The City of Orlando

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