1999 Truck & Body Report

September 1, 1998

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1999 Truck & Body Report

Patricia Anne Tom and Fleet Owner magazines

Bridgeport Refuse Trucks, Bridgeport, Texas offers several models including an automated side loader (the BRTASL), which can service 32- to 450-gallon containers with one set of grippers and a dual-compartment, automated side loader for same-day service of both trash and recyclables. It is available in sizes ranging from 20 to 34 cubic yards (cys), including a 3-cy hopper. Bridgeport's front loader is available in capacities ranging from 30 to 42 cys, with either a full-eject or hoist body. The packing cycle lasts approximately 17 seconds, and the loading cycle is approximately 12 seconds. Bridgeport's manual side loader is available in sizes from 16 to 37 cys, including a 1.5-cy hopper.

Crane Carrier Co. Crane Carrier Co. (CCC), Tulsa, Okla., offers vehicles that are built as one complete unit with chassis and compaction bodies integrated on the production line. The "packaged" front loader features a low-entry chassis and body with 8,000-pound (lb) capacity lift arms, 5" diameter lift arm cylinders, 18 to 20 second lift cycles and a 38-cy capacity base model body.

The RRL rear loader, with dual compartments, comes in 25- or 28-cy capacity models. The RRL body also can be mounted on a non-CCC chassis.

The integrated front loader (IFL) comes in 44- and 49-cy capacity models, as well as in a 44-cy model with a pusher lift axle. It has a container lift capacity of 8,000 lbs.

The integrated rear loader (IRL) single drive axle models come with a 20-cy capacity or a 22-cy capacity with pusher lift axle. The IRL tandem drive axle models are available in 28 and 31 cys, and 31 cys with a pusher lift axle.

Dempster Equipment Co. The RFL (residential front loader) from Dempster, Toccoa, Ga., has curbside drive and side-mounted cart dumpers for single-operator collection. It features a short wheelbase of 185" (tandem) and 197" (triaxle). Container dump cycle time is reported to be under 15 seconds, and packing cycle time ranges from 14 to 18 seconds. The hopper capacity is 7 cys and total volume capacity is 33 cys.

The DM2 mid-packing front loader has a 40-cy body, a 16-second lift and load cycle, and a 30-second compaction cycle while the vehicle is in motion.

The XHD heavy-duty front loader comes in two models (33 cys and 38 cys), has a 16-second loading cycle and a 47-second packing cycle.

The company's Route King II rear loader has a 3-cy, pre-crushing hopper and a swing-link packer. It comes in three models - 20, 25 and 32 cys.

The Dempster Dumpster detachable container system has evolved into six models, ranging in capacities from 7,600 lbs to 23,000 lbs. It empties containers with capacities up to 15 cys.

The company manufactures two recycling bodies. The RecyclePac II features a side-loading dual bin and hopper design, dual independently controlled tailgates and three body capacities. The Recycle One is an automated curbside recycling loader with a 12-second loading cycle. It comes in either single-side or dual-side versions, and the number and size of its compartments are adjustable.

Flow Boy/Impac Norman, Okla.-based Impac side-loading compaction bodies, available in 20- to 33-cy capacities, are fully automated for a one-man, in-cab operation. They can handle steel or plastic containers ranging from 24" to 55" in diameter. They can be designed for right- or left-side pickups.

The Impac Sprinter Series has a lift arm with a 30" or 48" reach, and a lift capacity of 3,000 lbs. A universal lift option is available for 90- to 300-gallon, round plastic containers. It comes in 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-cy capacity models with container lift/ dump/return cycles of 12 seconds and automatic pack/return cycles of approximately 20 seconds.

Groupe Chagnon The rear-end loader CRE series' (Chagnon, Quebec) features include unequal weight transfer to the front axle, a one piece rounded floor and a tailgate working height of 34" with hydraulic locking latches. The CRE series is available in capacities of 16, 18, 20, 25 and 32 cys.

The front-end CFE series has in-cab controls, a hopper sliding door, tailgate automatic/hydraulic latches, a compaction cycle time of 25 seconds and container unloading cycle time of 20 seconds. The CFE half-pack type has a capacity of 40 cys.

Heil Environmental Industries Heil, Chattanooga, Tenn., has introduced several new products. The DuraPack Big Bite rear loader (available in early 1999) has a one-piece steel body sidewall and reinforced hopper lid. It has 98,000 lbs of packing force through its 2,500 pounds per square inch (psi) hydraulic system.

The DuraPack Half/Pack SC (Southern California) and WC (West Coast) front loaders (available in October) feature seamless, curved body sides, clamp-on arms, sump clean-out doors and in-cab control centers.

The Retriever Satellite side loader is available in 6- and 10-cy models. It packs 600 to 900 lbs per yard. The side loader line also includes the 12- and 14-yard models.

The Formula 7000 Split Body is a fully automated unit with a divider in the hopper that diverts comingled recyclables into the top compartment while sending refuse or another commodity into the bottom compartment. The twin tailgate allows each to be dumped separately.

The Recycle 2000, available in 33 and 38 cys, provides either dual or single side loading bins that empty into separate compartments. The Formula 5000 rear loader is available in sizes ranging from 18 to 32 cys, while the Formula 4000 rear loader is available in body sizes ranging from 13 to 25 cys with a narrow body width (84 inches) in 11- and 18-cy sizes.

Heil also makes the Dura Pack Half/Pack front loader in 35- and 40-cy models, the Rapid Rail automated side loader and the Starr System with a fully detachable body.

Kann Manufacturing Corp. Guttenberg, Iowa-based Kann's line of recycling bodies include manual-loading, semi-automated, side-dump and rear-dump models, as well as standard front loaders in residential and commercial styles with full-eject and dump-style bodies.

Co-collection front-loading vehicles in two- and three-stream configurations also are offered. Independently adjustable hydraulic pressure provides compaction. The tailgate rotates 135 degrees for unrestricted dumping. Troughs have a one-yard capacity and 1,000-lb lift capacity. Cart tipper capability is optional.

LaBrie Quebec-based LaBrie's partial pack-full eject front end loader weighs 16,000 lbs, has an overall width of 96" and height of 117", has a curved profile and has a capacity of 40 cys, including the hopper.

The Top Select single side-loading recycling unit has 42-cy capacity. It is available with right-hand or left-hand side loading. The Top Select 2000 has a 37.5-cy capacity body. Both units can be mounted on various types of chassis. The Expert 2000 automated unit comes with a 33-cy capacity. It also is available with right-hand cab modification.

Leach The Curbtender from Leach, Oshkosh, Wis., has an arm that reaches up to 8' and lifts 2,000 lbs. Interchangeable grippers allow for handling of 30-, 60-, 90- and 450-gallon carts. Simultaneous load and pack operation allows for continuous collection. The 4-cy hopper features 11/44" AR400-rated steel flooring. It is available in 20-, 24-, 27- and 31-cy models.

The Millennium front loader arms have an 8,000-lb lifting capacity and single-piece floor trough made from 51/416" 80,000 psi steel. The 2RII rear loader is designed to hold construction and demolition debris. It has a 11/42"-thick, 3-yard capacity hopper with 50,000 psi steel on the hopper's sides and 100,000 psi steel on the bottom. It is available in 20-, 25-, 31- and 33-cy body models.

McClain E-Z Pack The Hercules commercial front loader from McClain, Galion, Ohio, has a compaction cycle time of 25 seconds and a lift arm cycle time of 20 seconds. The curved rear body floor creates a 100-gallon sump, which retains liquids. It is available in capacities of 34, 40 and 45 cys.

The company's Hi-Capacity side loader has a 10 to 12 second packing cycle and is available in 29-, 34- and 39-cy models. It also features a "crusher panel" to level bulky objects.

The Golaith G-300 residential rear loader is available in 18-, 20-, 25- and 31-cy bodies. The loading height is 511/42" below the chassis to reduce operator fatigue.

The Apollo A300 residential rear loader has a 3-cy hopper and is available in 18-, 20- and 25-cy sizes.

The Hercules AFL automated front loader features a forward-mounted arm with grippers that can be rotated from the side position to directly in front of the cab. The body is available in 27- and 33-cy models.

Manupac Boisbriand, Quebec-based Manupac's rear loader is available in two models: a 20- or 25-cy capacity unit. The Benpac 20-cy model has an overall width of 98", height of 92", body length of 356" and hopper size of 2 cys. The Benpac 25-cy model has a 98" width, 92" height, 392" body length and 3-cy hopper size.

The company's front loaders can hold either 34 or 40 cys.

Pak-Mor Pak-Mor, San Antonio, Texas, offers side, front and rear loaders. The ASR400 Curb Liner automated side loader's telescopic boom has a service range of 88" from the chassis. It can lift up to 2,500 lbs and can handle containers from 60 to 440 gallons without adjusting or changing the arms.

Scranton Manufacturing Co. Scranton, Scranton, Iowa, is offering an extensive line of New Way refuse bodies from 6 yards to 40 cys. Its purchase of Bridgeport Truck Manufacturing (see Bridgeport listing) has added front loaders, large automated vehicles and drop frame side loaders to its current line of rear loaders, satellites and side loaders. In the near future, Scranton expects to offer a split-body, automated, scale-based vehicle that can pick up recyclable items and trash in one pass and offer scale-based billing.

Smart Trucks Smart Trucks' STS F.L.A.R.E. (front load automated residential escort), a hydraulic and electrical power system, has a 3-point, quick-disconnect system for commercial/residential route switching. Operated by a single, multi-axis joystick in the cab, the arm can extend, grip, rotate and dump a waste receptacle in one motion. F.L.A.R.E.'s 4.7-cy capacity allows an average collection performance of 8 seconds per cycle, according to the company.

The Moreno Valley, Calif.-based company's STS K-7000 front loader has a tapered, cylindrical body that increases circumference at the rear. Compaction is said to be increased using a lower 44"-high monorail packer blade that glides on self-lubricated wear plates.

Universal Handling The UFL 80/40 Half Pack front end loader from Universal Handling, Ontario, features a 40-yard capacity and 8,000-lb arm lifting capacity. Overall length is 400" with a 210" wheelbase. A hydraulically controlled top door operates independently of the arm movement. The unit also features hydraulically cushioned arm cylinders. It comes with a 12-month parts and labor warranty.

The Propack rear end loader features a cycle time of 20 seconds and a 3-cy hopper. It comes in 20-, 25- and 32-cy capacities.

Walinga The Walinga (Ontario) Champion curbside recycling vehicle is equipped with right hand, stand-up drive, a curbside sliding door and standard door on the street side. It has a 46-yard capacity with a 4- to 7-yard hydraulic Bustle Gate. Cardboard collection gates can be supplied for source separation with a capacity of up to 7 cys. A 16" loading bucket is standard. The automatic cart lifter is designed to accommodate multiple auto-lock roll carts, and the glass divider facilitates roll cart collection of color separated glass.

Wayne Engineering Corp. Wayne, Cedar Falls, Iowa, debuted the 1999 Alley Cat line at the 1998 WasteExpo show in Chicago. The Super Series rear loaders offer capacities of 6 and 8 cys, and the curved shell Royal GT rear loaders, come in 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-cy capacities. The TomCat 6- and 10-cy satellite side loaders offer automatic cycle, a loading area height of 20", clean-out sump access doors and a curved-shell body design. The rest of the Alley Cat line includes the 6-cy Pup side loader.

Wittke Waste Equipment The Starlight series from Wittke, Alberta, Canada, is designed for larger loads in residential or commercial configurations. It comes with body capacities of 38, 40 or 44 cys. Automatic pack/return cycle is estimated at 20 seconds. Arm up/down dump cycle time is approximately 10 seconds.

The Sprinter Series in 30-, 34-, 38- and 40-cy capacity models can be installed on a forward or conventional cab chassis. It has a 48" reach with 3,000-lb lift capacity and 12-second lift and dump cycle time.

The Express series is designed with an extra large hopper loading door and comes in body capacities of 25, 29, 33 or 37 cys.

The Burro series has 500 lb/cy compaction ratio and can be installed on any 1 ton chassis with a 15,000-lbs gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Refuse Trucks Class 8 Bering Fort Royal, Va.-based Bering Truck Corp., the newest U.S.-based truck company, is rolling out a new cabover line. The trucks combine U.S.-manufactured powertrains and components with Hyundai chassis and COE technology. U.S.-based suppliers include Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Dana and Eaton. The cabovers initially will be built by Hyundai to Bering's specs and then will be shipped to the United States.

Next year, Bering plans to do knockdown assembly of Class 7 to 8 vehicles at facilities under construction in Front Royal and will continue importing its Class 3 to 6 trucks.

The company will launch retail sales of Class 8 daycab tractors this October and plans to offer other heavy-duty vocational models starting in April 1999. Bering will offer the following Class 8 models over the next year: HD-160 cab chassis (37,690 maximum GVWR); HD-390 single-axle tractor (60,000 or 80,000 GCWR); HD-540 tandem tractor (80,000 GCWR); HD-270, (80,000 GVWR); and HD-370 (94,800 GVWR).

Freightliner Portland, Ore.-based Freightliner's big news is the arrival of its all-new Argosy cabover. The Class 8 COE, based on the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) Century Class platform, is available in five versions: 63" daycab; 110" raised roof; and 90", 101" and 110" mid-roof sizes.

Joining the Class 7 to 8 range of Freightliner's Business Class is a new production version of the Cargo low-cab-forward truck, which was acquired when the OEM purchased Ford's heavy truck line last year.

The FC 70 single-axle Cargo carries a maximum GVWR of 35,000 lbs; the FC 80 version has a minimum GVWR of 31,000 lbs as a single-drive model and a maximum GVWR of 52,000 lbs as a twin-screw unit. For vocational applications, the FC 80 can be purchased with a 16,000-lb front suspension and 40,000-lb tandem rear suspension.

Cargo power comes from a Cummins ISB electronic turbodiesel engine in ratings from 175 horsepower (hp) to 215 hp. Available gearboxes include direct manual and mechanical automatic transmissions, as well as electronically controlled Allison automatics.

Mack Trucks Mack Trucks, Allentown, Pa., is making changes in engine and component availability on its Class 8 models. Mack's E-Tech engine now is being offered on all models as is factory installation of lift axles. In addition, Allison's World automatic transmissions now are available on MR Series trucks. Mack also has introduced a cast-iron 46,000-lb axle for vocational use.

In other Mack news: The OEM signed a long-term supplier agreement that establishes Dana Corp. as its original equipment supplier of Spicer Eaton-brand drive and steer axles for all current and future versions of the CH chassis. Mack also will offer its proprietary on-highway, heavy-duty axles as an option and will make other Spicer Eaton axles available as preferred supplier options.

Mack notes that the agreement is exclusive to its on-highway trucks and that its own axles will remain standard on vocational models. The Spicer Eaton axles will carry the basic 3-year/300,000 miles warranty coverage. An extended warranty also will be available.

Navistar Navistar International Transportation Corp., Chicago, has launched the International Eagle 9900, a long-nose conventional.

The 9900 shares a common chassis with the existing International 9200 and 9400 long-nose models. The new 6 x 4 has a 120"-BBC measurement and a set-forward front axle. The 9900 will be the first International available with 600-hp Cat and Cummins engines. Other engine options range from 11 liters to 14 liters.

Peterbilt Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, is rolling out a new premium, on-highway Class 8 aerodynamic conventional early in 1999. Details will be announced later. In the meantime, the truck builder is introducing a new premium-level interior dubbed "Canadian/American Class Platinum."

This year, Pete is offering an exclusive rating 565 hp at 1,850 pounds per foot (lbs/ft) of the Cummins Signature diesel in its Class 8s. It also will make available Eaton's AutoShift automated-mechanical transmission system.

Sterling Sterling Truck Corp., Willoughby, Ohio, offers both its A-Line tractor lineup, which descended from the Ford AeroMax, and its L-Line vocational models, which draw their heritage from Ford's Louisville. All A-Line and L-Line vehicles can be spec'd with single or tandem rear axles. In addition, Sterling is offering the low-cab-forward Cargo, which also will be carried by its sister firm, Freightliner, as a truck and tractor with GVW ratings that extend into Class 8.

A-Line tractors are available either as medium 113"-BBC conventionals (A9513 and AT9513) or as long 122"-BBC units (A9522 and AT9522). The A-Line GVW range runs from 34,700 lbs to 54,600 lbs, and the maximum GCWR is set at 125,000 lbs. Premium diesels can be spec'd from Cat, Cummins and Detroit Diesel in ratings from 280 hp to 500 hp.

The L-Line consists of the L/ LT7500 (101" BBC), the L/LT8500 (111" or 113" BBC), and the L/LT9500 (101", 111", 113" and 122" BBC). GVW ratings range from 21,000 lbs to 66,000 lbs. Maximum GCWR on the heaviest model is 138,000 lbs. Engine options include mid-range and heavy-duty diesels with ratings covering a range from 280 hp to 400 hp.

Volvo Volvo, Greensboro, N.C., has introduced a new 6-cylinder electronic in-line pump diesel aimed at vocational operations. The 7.3-liter engine, which weighs 1,709 lbs, can be ordered on VNM, WG and Xpeditor vocational models.

Class 6 to 7 Bering Bering will offer two models in the medium-duty market. The HD120 is imported for Class 6 and has a 25,950 lbs GVWR. Featuring four wheelbase offerings from 149" to 224", the model is powered by Cummins' ISB 215-hp engine and is standard with a 6-speed manual transmission. The 120 can be beefed up to a 27,400-lbs-GVW rating.

To be built domestically in Front Royal, Va., starting next year, the HD160 cargo is Bering's entry into the Class 7 market. Rated at 32,950 lbs GVW, it is available in three wheelbases: 173", 230" and 244". Power is supplied by the Cummins ISC 285-hp engine. A 10-speed transmission is standard.

Ford Ford Motor Co., Detroit, anticipates no major changes to its F-Series line of medium-duty trucks and tractors. The 1999 F-800 will be available in only two GVWRs (26,000 lbs and 33,000 lbs) and with four engine/transmission combinations based on the Cummins ISB electronic diesel.

Freightliner Freightliner is bringing back the low-cab-forward Cargo (acquired from Ford last year) as the newest addition to its Business Class line. Available as single- or tandem-axle trucks or tractors, the two Cargo models straddle the line between Class 7 and 8. The FC 70, which has a single-drive axle, has a GVWR range running from 25,500 lbs to 35,000 lbs. The FC 80 starts at 31,000 lbs GVWR as a single-axle unit and reaches 52,000 lbs as a tandem-axle truck.

Standard power is supplied by Cummins' new ISB 6-cylinder electronic turbodiesel. Current ratings run from 175 hp to 215 hp. Available transmissions include direct manuals, mechanical automatic units and Allison electronically controlled automatics.

Hino The Hino Diesel Trucks, Orangeburg, N.Y., lineup includes the FD2220 and low-profile FD2220-LP rated at 22,300 lbs GVW. Five wheelbase lengths are available, ranging from 149" to 218". They can be ordered with either a 6-speed overdrive synchromesh manual transmission or Allison's AT452 4-speed automatic.

The Class 6 FE2620 has a 25,995-lbs-GVW rating and the Class 7 FF3020 has a 30,000-lbs-GVW rating. Filling out the top of the Class 7 line is the SG3320, which has a 32,900-lbs GVW. The unit is powered by a 200-hp J-Series diesel engine and a 6-speed direct-drive synchromesh manual transmission. Allison's MT643 automatic is optional.

Isuzu Introduced earlier this year, Whittier, Calif.-based Isuzu's 1999 F-Series cabs remain essentially unchanged from 1998, including the pricing. All F-Series are powered by Isuzu's 6HK1-TC turbocharged 6-cylinder overhead cam diesel engine.

The standard transmission on all F-Series is a manual, 6-speed Isuzu MLD6Q that is synchronized in second through sixth gears. The transmission has a standard PTO opening. The Allison AT545 4-speed automatic is optional on the FSR and FTR.

The Class 6 FSR Diesel, rated at 23,100 lbs GVW, features wheelbases of 140" to 248" and a 34" frame width. The Isuzu powerplant delivers 200 hp at 2,400 rpm and 441 lbs/ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. It is equipped with a 6-speed Isuzu MLD6Q manual transmission with overdrive, and an Allison AT545 automatic is optional.

The 1999 Class 7 FTR Diesel includes 140" to 248" wheelbase models with GVWRs of 25,950 lbs and 30,000 lbs. It offers the same power and transmission options as its Class 6 sister.

At the upper end of Class 7, Isuzu offers the FVR Diesel, a 33,000-lbs GVWR powered by the OEMs 7.1-liter diesel, which develops 230 hp at 2,400 rpm and 506 lbs/ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. With wheelbases ranging from 140" to 248", body length runs from 14' to 28'. The model is equipped with a 6-speed MLD6Q manual transmission.

Kenworth Kenworth Truck Co., Kirkland, Wash., has not announced major changes to its T300 (T3) conventional medium-duty trucks. Available as a truck or tractor with GVWR ratings starting at 26,000 lbs, the T3 offers a 13,200-lb front axle aimed at Class 7 operations. For '98, the T3 will be available with Cummins ISB and ISC diesel engines. Six- or 9-speed manual transmissions, as well as automatics, may be spec'd.

Mack Trucks Mack is adding a new sweeper model and several air-suspension options on its Class 6 to 7 Mid-Liner Series. The sweeper is a factory-built, dual-steer model. A Hendrickson rear-axle air suspension in 18,000-lb, 21,000-lb and 23,000-lbs ratings now are available on all Mid-Liners.

All MS and CS vehicles are offered with front-axle ratings up to 12,000 lbs and rear axles up to 20,000-lb capacity. Power offerings include 6-cylinder turbodiesels in ratings from 180 hp to 210 hp. MS tiltcab trucks are available with wheelbases ranging from 138" to 232". CS conventional models are offered with wheelbases running from 156" to 246".

Navistar Navistar has reported no significant changes to its lineup of medium-duty trucks until 2001, when the OEM will begin implementing its Next Generation Vehicle (NGV) program. The first NGV models will be for medium-duty applications, and the project eventually will encompass Navistar's entire line of International vehicles.

In the Class 6 to 7 range, International 4700-Series trucks and tractors are offered with GVWRs extending from 21,500 lbs to 46,000 lbs. Engine choices include International-brand diesels in ratings from 175 hp to 210 hp, plus engines by other manufacturers of up to 300 hp. Transmission offerings include 5-speed manuals and 4-speed Allison automatics.

Peterbilt Peterbilt is making no major changes to its Class 6 to 7 Model 330. The newest feature is the availability of a front axle rated at 16,000-lb capacity. The Model 330 is offered as a single-drive truck and as a single- or tandem-drive tractor. Available engine ratings run from 185 hp to 300 hp.

Sterling Two of Sterling's truck models span the Class 6 to 7 range, according to the company. The L7500, the first offering in the OEMs L-Line, is a shortnose conventional. It can be ordered as a single- or tandem-axle truck or as a tractor.

Truck GVWRs run from 21,000 lbs to 66,000 lbs. The tractor version boasts a GCWR of 80,000 lbs. Standard powerplant is a 215-hp rating of the Cummins midrange ISC. Optional engines include other Cummins, as well as Cats, in ratings from 175 hp to 300 hp.

A 5-speed manual is standard, and options include 10-speed manual, mechanical automatic and electronic automatic transmissions.

The OEM offers truck and tractor versions of the low-cab-forward Cargo, which also has joined the stable of its sister company, Freightliner.

The Sterling Cargo is available as a single-axle truck or tractor, and as a single- or tandem-axle tractor. The Class 6 to 7 SC7000 model offers GVWRs from 25,000 lbs to 35,000 lbs. The heavier SC8000 starts at the end of Class 7 (33,000 lbs) and can have a GVWR as high as 52,000 lbs.

The refuse truck body report was compiled by Patricia-Anne Tom, World Wastes' associate editor. The truck report was compiled by the editors of Fleet Owner magazine.

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