The Vectar Project is Using Cardboard to Bring Sustainability to the Big Screen

March 8, 2023

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In an effort to help make film and television sets more eco-friendly, The Vectar Project is building sets out of cardboard.

Sets for TV and movie shoots use a lot of different materials and usually can’t be used again once its torn down, thus producing large amounts of waste. According to a report by Albert, an UK organization offering environmental certification in television, some more expensive sets produce enough plywood to fill 2.5 cargo planes.

To limit the amount of total waste produced by sets, The Vectar Project creates fully recyclable sets using boards made from cardboard and paper.

“We produce it locally, it’s a lot light to transport, it’s quicker to go together,” said Chris Gilmour, the director of Vectar Project.

Since the boards are easier to transport, less fuel and resources are needed to move them around and the boards are said to have a carbon footprint 90% lower than medium-density fiberboard and three times lower than plywood.

Vectar Project’s boards are made from timber waste and use water-based adhesives as opposed to chemicals like formaldehyde.

Read the full article here.

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