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Plastic Technologies Announces New Corporate Structure, Branding

PTI Global will serve as an umbrella for PTI and PTI Operations.

Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has announced a change in corporate structure and branding in order to assist with brand owner package development. The umbrella company will now be known as PTI Global.

The core package development business, which was previously knowns as Plastic Technologies, Inc., will be referred to simply as PTI, and the preform business unit will change from Preform Technologies, Inc. to PTI Operations.

“What’s happening now is that brand owners are using multiple internal and external resources to design packages,” said Craig Robinson, vice president, business development and innovation of PTI, in a statement. “A significant amount of time is wasted due to multiple handoffs and because designers are often not knowledgeable about the structural requirements for optimum production. This results in commercialization timelines being missed, a significant amount of money being wasted and a lost opportunity.”

Both PTI and PTI Operations will be supported by Phoenix Technologies, Inc., a sister company that produces recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

“We realize that brand owners are racing to meet timelines and be the first in their category with their offerings,” said Robinson in a statement. “With PTI’s vast knowledge of plastic material attributes and production requirements, we have the necessary expertise to help them realize those objectives, in a cost-effective manner.”

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