The Answer to Sustainable, Effective Wastewater Treatment Is Under Our Feet (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

The wastewater industry as a whole has now been given an opportunity to take another look at bioaugmentation from a different perspective and mindset. The term is not new but due to its inconsistent results, it has lost favor, however it isn’t bioaugmentation’s fault, we simply weren’t using the best way. This presentation will reveal how bioaugmentation is still one of the best and most viable solutions to some of wastewater’s biggest pain points when the right microbiology and methods of application are utilized.  We will be discussing how microbiology in wastewater treatment really works and the types of microbes that are best suited to deliver the desired results and why.  The answer is truly under our feet – soil microbes. Together we will explore soil biology or genus bacillus, and how mother nature has provided us with the optimum wastewater super-hero bacteria, why it works so well and how it can be applied effectively into collection systems, septic tertiary treatment facilities and municipal treatment plants to create a natural, sustainable method of treatment that lowers the carbon footprint and operational overhead.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Discuss bioaugmentation, why forms of it have failed and how it is still the future of wastewater treatment

2.  Explain the differences in microbiology that can be used for wastewater treatment and their pros and cons

3.  Discover why soil bacteria is so effective at breaking down effluent material than anything we’ve ever tried before

4.  Contrast and compare things that have been used in the past, long-term effects and how adopting a natural approach is more effective and sustainable

5.  Discuss how using bioaugmentation with soil microbes benefits collection systems, mechanical treatment plants, lagoon facilities, onsite and industrial facilities

Speakers: Suzan Chin-Taylor, President at Creative Raven & The TUIT Group; Rodney Dickerson, Director, CTO, Co-Founder at Environmental Biorganic Science Corp.

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