Elevating Your Team – Cultivating A Diverse & Inclusive Workforce That Thrives & Succeeds (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

A diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to thriving in the current competitive marketplace, including to maximize innovation and creativity, diversify workforce skillsets, increase business and productivity, improve company culture, boost employee morale, create more authentic customer relationships, drive revenues, and maximize talent.  Despite these benefits, many employers do not intentionally diversify their hiring practices.  Across many professional industries, females and minorities are overlooked for leadership, management and ownership positions. Many factors contribute to this phenomenon, including explicit and implicit bias; that many organizations have exclusively had white, male leadership, creating a disconnect between management and the needs of female and minority workers; and a failure to educate women and minorities on how to succeed and thrive in the face of these adversities. This energetic presentation will explore strategies for recruiting and maintaining top talent and build your toolkit for helping such talent succeed and thrive in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the differences between how men and women most frequently communicate and adopt a more effective communication style;
2. Build inner-confidence, by identifying and believing in unique strengths and leveraging them to your advantage
3. Consistently act with intention to intentionally elevate professional women and minorities
4. Effectively handle conflict, lead authentically, and assume important organizational roles
5. Recruit, support and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce to advance professional women and minorities over the years to come

Speaker: Melanie Griffin, Founder at Spread Your Sunshine

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