Cleaning & CCTV Project Tips and Tricks (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

Do you work for a company or municipality and wonder how other organizations complete certain tasks or assignments? Each person in this panel has been in the industry more than 15+ years, and is prepared to help you improve your processes. David Hamberlin will lead a panel that will include Kris Cook of ACE Pipe Cleaning, Steve Williams of Key Equipment and JT Burden of Hydromax USA.  The class will start as a presentation going through some common issues or questions that people in this industry face, then will turn into an open mic panel where these professionals will field questions from the audience. Our industry is one that depends on relationships and knowledge sharing, and this group is prepared to share the information they have. Please bring your questions on anything from cleaning and CCTV processes, equipment repairs, software, equipment purchases, or anything else in the industry you may be curious about.

Learning Objectives

1. Provide insight into industry standards

2. Allow fellowship and knowledge sharing in the industry

3. Answer questions and insight thought to push the industry forward

Speakers: David Hamberlin, Wastewater Operations Manager at HYDROMAX USA; Kris Cook, Lead Electronics Technician at ACE Pipe Cleaning 

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