Analyzing CCTV Inspections of Rigid and Flexible Pipe Materials (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

Recent studies have concluded that a majority of pipe failures stem not from the pipe material or manufacturing of the pipe itself but rather how the pipe was installed. Faulty sewer pipe installation practices can and have resulted in expensive and unnecessary “repair” projects.

This presentation will cover the history, design, manufacturing, installation, and characteristics of rigid and flexible pipe materials to better understand why pipes fail.  The presentation will also discuss pipe damage and how to determine the cause thru the examination of cracks, voids, joints, and fractures. CCTV videos and stills will also be utilized in this interactive session.  

CCTV is an important reason for many agencies requiring CCTV inspection as a part of the final acceptance testing on newly installed pipelines and asset evaluation of existing pipes. As an investigative tool, CCTV systems are unmatched and recognizing installation defects are very important in drafting the final CCTV report.

Session attendance will also include a NCPI  operations manual  “Analyzing CCTV Inspection of Vitrified Clay Pipe”.

Learning Objectives:

1 . History of pipe manufacturing and recognizing different types of pipe materials

2.  Provide an overview of pipe jointing and installation, and recognize pipe anomalies

3.  Discuss how Lighting and camera views effect assessment

4.  Realize how ASTM pipe standards define pipe assessments

Speaker:  Veronica Alvarez, Southwest Regional Manager at RedZone Robotics

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